Steph Morin's quarantine sessions on YouTube

Steph Morin Announces “Quarantine Sessions” Feature on YouTube

The world feels like it’s upside down. We are all  finding ourselves at home with a little extra time. Because of this, many artists are looking to help keep people entertained. Steph Morin has started a daily feature called the “Quarantine Sessions” on YouTube.

“In these uncertain times, I decided as a musician to spread a bit of positive to entertain my fans until we get back to our normal lives,” says Steph Morin. “My initiative is the ‘Quarantine Session’ on YouTube, a series of acoustic videos recorded at home in my living room.”

The Quarantine Sessions so far include a cover of Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”, acoustic versions of hits featured on his latest EP called “I Won’t Forget You” released in 2018, and a song that was co-written with Jon Bon Jovi called “Do What You Can”.

Starting tonight, you’ll be able to submit your requests on Steph’s Facebook page. Leave a comment on the post. The next video could be a song that you submitted!

Watch the “Quarantine Sessions” by Steph Morin

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