Brooke Trainor Releases New Single "I AIn't No Fool"

Brooke Trainor Lets Us Know That “I Ain’t No Fool”

Brooke’s Debut single “I Ain’t No Fool” has officially hit the digital music world. I had a chance to discuss the song with her over Instagram before the initial release.

“I Ain’t No Fool” comes straight from her heart and has you singing along almost instantly. This song will resonate with anyone who has gone through the same situation this song talks about.

Brooke Trainor I ain't no fool

It has a catchy beat, great lyrics and will become a favorite among us all and surely get stuck in our heads. Brooke is a talented songwriter and has proved that here.

I had the chance to have a quick chat with Brooke over Instagram. Here’s that quick conversation went …

4 Quick Questions With Brooke Trainor On Instagram

1.  What is the meaning behind “I Ain’t No Fool”?

Brooke Trainor: The song is about a boy whom has all of the right lines to make you feel like you’re special then all of a sudden feels like you don’t exist or mean anything.

2. Who wrote the song?

Brooke Trainor: I wrote most of the song myself with help on the melody.

3. Where are you originally from?

Brooke Trainor: I was born in Burnaby and moved to Surrey when I was 5

4. Do you have any ideas for more songs or an EP?

Brooke Trainor: I have a few songs ready to go that I’m super excited about so stay tuned

More About “Ain’t No Fool” By Brooke Trainor

In the interview Brooke went along to say that this song makes you feel that you’re so over it when the guy keeps trying to come back after making you feel like nothing.

“I Ain’t No Fool” was a highly anticipated release for Brooke and now that it’s out it has become so surreal that her excitement is bursting.

The music video for “I Ain’t No Fool” was subsequently shot in the Fraser Valley and was released at the same time. The video was shot by Andrew Gerard who is not only an unreal Cinematographer and photographer, but also a director, actor and singer.

We can’t wait to see what Brooke has in store for us … which she has teased about something in the future. She blew us away with her song “I Ain’t No Fool” and the video as well.

Watch The “I Ain’t No Fool” Music Video

Stream Brooke Trainor’s New Single

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