The Hunter Brothers New Single "Hard Dirt"

Hunter Brothers Dedicate New Single “Hard Dirt” to Frontline Workers

Canada’s favourite band of brothers have released a new single “Hard Dirt”. They have dedicated it to frontline workers and everyone affected by COVID-19.

These down-home country boys from Shaunavon, Saskatchewan hit the ground running in 2016 and have been going strong ever since. This latest release from Hunter Brothers comes amidst a new normalcy we now call social distancing. You could say “Hard Dirt” is one of the direct results of the 2020 quarantine!

“Hard Dirt” comes out when our world is going through some tough times with a lot if uncertainty. This song helps us ease our minds and shows us that we too will make it through all of this.

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It really grabs your heart strings right away and pulls you close. It’s an emotional feel good song that doesn’t disappoint our ears.

It will most certainly get stuck in your head and will have you take a moment to think about everything that COVID-19 has done to each and every person in the world.

During times like these, many of us turn towards music to help ease our minds and to feel a sense of inner peace.

This song does just that.

“‘Hard Dirt’ is a song that speaks to the process of enduring struggle, but also knowing that hope exists on the other side of whatever circumstances you may be going through”, says Ty Hunter. As brothers, they also say they hope that this song will uplift our hearts, put a new fire in our dreams and encourage us to keep growing as not only individuals but as families and, more importantly, as a community.

“Hard Dirt” is dedicated to all the frontline workers who risk their safety to help keep our communities afloat and to all who are affected by this pandemic.

This single was produced by five-time GRAMMY© Award nominee Hunter Hayes.

The Hunter Brothers recently celebrated another great milestone. Their single “Those Were the Nights” off their debut album Getaway was certified Gold in Canada.

Be sure to listen to the brand new single and add it to your playlists.

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