Dustin Bird Chats About His Highly Anticipated Single “Get Go” Out Now

Dustin Bird - Country Artist

Dustin Bird’s highly-anticipated single is out today! “Get Go” really stands out in the pop-country space and if I’m being honest, I liked this tune from the ‘get go’ (sorry…I had to).

The song catches your attention immediately and carries the listener to the most infectious chorus. “Get Go” elicits so many positive emotions, embraces love and the feeling of finding your person.

I had a chat with Dustin Bird, and he shared more about his love for “Get Go” and why it means so much to him.

stream "Get Go" by Dustin Bird

When he receives demos, he gets in the car and goes for a drive to listen. When “Get Go” first came on, he couldn’t get home fast enough. He was drawn to the song immediately.

“To put it simply, ‘Get Go’ is for the person I haven’t met yet. Instantly, this song spoke to my core, confirming that this profound connection is out there, waiting to be found with you. So, whoever you are, wherever you are, just know that I can’t wait to meet you. We are both going to know it, from the ‘Get Go’.”

The song resonated with Bird so easily because he can’t wait to have this experience that connects him to somebody in this way.

“Get Go” has been one of the highlights of the summer for Dustin Bird. He’s been so passionate about this song, the story and his own connection to it. He hopes that listeners can find a bit of themselves in the track.

Dustin Bird Sitting In Chair

“I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited about a project.”

If you were able to catch Dustin Bird on tour with Tim Hicks for the Campfire Troubadour series, you’ve heard the stripped down acoustic version of “Get Go.” He has been so excited to share with listeners, and the initial reactions to “Get Go” as part of his set were so positive, that it only added to the excitement of today’s release.

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Make sure to check out Dustin’s new single on Apple Music and Spotify.

Connect with Dustin Bird on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Tik Tok.

Stream “Get Go” By Dustin Bird

Lyrics To Dustin Bird’s “Get Go”

I know you didn’t mean
To stop me dead in my boots
To sweep me off of my feet
And make my heart skip a beat
Soon as you walked in the room

In the blink of your ocean blues
I knew it was you for good
No doubt in my mind, you don’t even gotta try
And you got me feeling like nobody else could

I knew it from the get go
I was never ever gonna ever wanna let go
Holding on to you
I ain’t ever gonna regret those countless ILYs
‘Cause every single day you just keep proving me right
I felt it in my bones, my heart and my soul
They say when you know, you know and I know
I knew it from the get go
I knew it from the get go

Call it luck, call it fate, right time and place
I don’t know what it was but it don’t gotta be explained
You’re the answers to a prayer I didn’t know that I prayed
And just like that, my world changed


There was no second guessing
Wasn’t a question
When you walked in to my life
No second guessing
Wasn’t a question
I saw the light in your eyes


I knew it from the get go
I knew it from the get go

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