The Road Hammers Bring It With “The Boys Are Back At It”

The Road Hammers "The Boys Are Back At It"

Juno Award and 5 time CCMA Award winners The Road Hammers are making a triumphant return with their latest single, “The Boys Are Back At It”, their first release in two years.

The iconic trio of Jason McCoy, Clayton Bellamy and Chris Byrne turn the volume up on this latest offering, with grinding guitars, driving drums and an anthemic chorus which will have your head banging and fist pumping.

“We might hide out on the outskirts, might lay low for a while” McCoy states in the opening lines of the song, starting it with a quiet urgency that by the time the chorus comes around, singing “We find a little small town, turn it up and throw down, so much for kicking’ old habit’s, look out y’all the boys are back at it”. You’re reminded how good it is to have The Road Hammers back on our airwaves.

Of the song, McCoy notes “The Road Hammers have always prided ourselves on being the soundtrack to the freedom of the open road, and now more than ever, we’re pumped to get out there and do what we do, for the people we love! Like the song says, we’re ‘back in the saddle’, and we can’t wait to turn it up!”

The Road Hammers are a Canadian Country institution, entertaining us for over a decade and amassing six Top 10 hits, nine Top 20 singles, and a Platinum album along the way.

This release marks the beginning of an exciting new chapter for these Canadian Country legends and is the first from a collection of new music expected later this year. It firmly solidifies the fact that yes, the boys are indeed back at it. And we’re so happy they are!

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Lyrics To “The Boys Are Back At It”

look out y’all, the boys are back at it
look out y’all, look out

We might hide out on the outskirts
Might lay low for a while
Might let the dust settle down
Till the coast is clear

But even lone wolves and stray dogs
Can’t stay gone for too long
And your damn sure gonna know it
When we come around here

We ride steel horses
Roll in with the outlaw crowd
Drink all the whiskey smoke all the smoke
Like a long-haired band of desperados

We find a little small town
Turn it up and throw down
So much for kickin’ old habits
Look out ya’ll the boys are back at it

look out ya’ll, the boys are back at it
look out ya’ll, look out

Like a long drag or a slow sip
There’s some things that ya can’t quit
When the sun sets and the moon shines
Well, it’s about time


Back, like Evel Knievel
Back, like a Rocky sequel
Back, like The Second Coming
Back in the saddle hit the ground running


look out y’all, the boys are back at it
look out y’all, look out
look out y’all, the boys are back at it
look out y’all, look out
look out y’all, the boys are back at it
look out y’all, look out
Oh look out ya’ll, the boys are back at it

Tim Mooney - contributor and photographer for Front Porch Music
Tim M.

Hey it's Tim, I was born and raised on good ol' Country music on Vancouver Island, BC.  I grew up on classic Alan Jackson and Brooks & Dunn, when I'm not writing song reviews, I love going to concerts and photographing them and enjoying some good music. You can always find me with my camera in hand.

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