Music Video for “Babe” by Sugarland ft. Taylor Swift

Jennifer Nettles from Sugarland in the music video for "Babe" featuring Taylor Swift

Sugarland has FINALLY released their music video for their hit single “Babe” featuring Taylor Swift. Babe is the second single off their latest album Bigger, and it couldn’t be better!

Everything about this video screams Sugarland. There’s a great story, some solid acting, and a whole mess of creativity packed into 4.5 minutes. Jennifer Nettles and Taylor Swift are great acting partners on the screen – it would be great to see them do some more acting together. Take a look at the music video for yourself, then we’ll discuss.

Watch the “Babe” Music Video by Sugarland ft. Taylor Swift

Review of “Babe” Music Video by Sugarland

Okay. You’ve seen the video now, Let’s discuss.

First off, they could have put out anything and fans would have been satisfied. We’ve been waiting for 7 years for new music from the legendary duo, so just to have them back in our speakers is a real privilege (can you tell we’re fans?). It was disappointing that they didn’t have a real video for their first single “Still the Same”, so this video really makes up for it.

“Babe” features Nettles as a housewife who is keeping up appearances throughout a marriage that she knows is falling apart, but when the doors are closed she lets it all out. Her husband is having an affair with someone at his office – Taylor Swift’s character. This in of itself is no unique storyline, but it’s the storyline between the women that is interesting. They both know of each other, but don’t really acknowledge one another in the video. Swift’s character is also shown breaking down when the man leaves her to go home to his wife.

The whole thing is reminiscent of the classic song “Jolene” and Sugarland’s Grammy-award winning single “Stay”. This is a theme that Sugarland does exceptionally well.

The one irritant in this single is the visible lack of Kristian Bush in the video. He appears a couple of times as the nosey neighbour walking by the house and looking in and observing the drama. That’s it. But I think that’s the way Kristian likes it.

We are so excited that Sugarland is back and on tour. It’s SO great to hear their voices on the radio again!

What do you think – are you pumped that they’re back, and loving the music video for “Babe”? Leave us a comment.

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