7 Famous Dogs Of Canadian Country Music

famous dogs of Canadian country music

Musicians spend a lot of time on the road, traveling from city to city. They also spend a lot of time in studios and writing sessions.

Life as an artist can be pretty hectic.

Artists have a special crew of people to keep them company for their crazy adventures, and some have furry best buds to keep them company too.

It’s time we take a moment to shine light on some of the special pals from our Canadian country music friends.

Here are some Canadian country music dogs.

7 Iconic Sidekicks Of Canadian Country Artists

There are so many great dogs to choose from, and they’re all good doggos.

So in no particular order, here are some of the Canadian country music dogs … and their humans.

1. Hendrix | Human: Lindsay Ell

Hendrix the Pomell rides shotgun on the tour bus with her human Lindsay Ell. She was rescued by Lindsay in 2020. Hendrix also has Instagram so be sure to keep up with life on the road via the lens of a two foot tall pup.

Follow Hendrix The Pomell on Instagram

2. Aleu | Human: Robyn Ottolini

Aleu joined the Robyn Ottolini road crew in the Fall of 2021.

Aleu spends time with the entire band and has a schedule as busy as Robyn’s. This little ball of energy keeps the crew entertained … and just look at that little face!

Source: Robyn Ottolini on Instagram

3. Maui | Human: Mike Robins

Maui basically broke the internet.

His human, Mike Robins posted a video of Maui’s favourite post-walk ritual … sliding down the hallway on his belly.

This photogenic pooch certainly knows how to work the camera. Mike’s Instagram community also happens to love Maui!

This little Frenchie has been Robins’ sidekick since 2016.

Source: Mike Robins on Instagram

4. Trooper | Human: SACHA

Sacha’s little best friend goes EVERYWHERE with her … Trooper is literally travel-sized.

Trooper is even featured in the music video for her single, “Standards.” This pup played a crucial role in judging Sacha’s suitors in the music video and happens to have excellent taste in men.

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She says if her little pup doesn’t like someone, they’re probably not that nice.

5. Pickles | Human: Alli Walker

This pandemic pup may have separation anxiety when Alli Walker is out and about, but she does too!

Pickles is a Golden Doodle who joined Alli and her husband, Eric, in June 2021. He’s the best co-writer and happens to love “Country Music”… Great taste in music Pickles!

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6. Lincoln | Human: Brian John Harwood

If Brian John Harwood tells you that you’re his best friend … you come a close second to his best pal, Lincoln.

Brian penned his single, “Good Boy” about his best bud and it’s a tear jerker. Lincoln has Harwood wrapped around his paw.

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7. Paxton | Human: Josh Ross

Paxton is living the rockstar dream in Nashville, Tennessee with his country singing, guitar slinging owner, Josh Ross.

This pandemic pooch joined Josh’s pack in December 2020. Paxton, like his owner, likes fishing, Sunday football, and “Tall Boys”.

Josh Talks About Paxton’s “Tippy Tappies” On The Porch

Honourable Mention: Eberle | Human: Jenna & the Weishar Family

Giving a shoutout to a special Front Porch pet.

Eberle recently crossed the rainbow bridge but spent a lot of years at Jenna’s feet while she was listening to new music and writing for Front Porch.

Jenna Weishar from Front Porch Music

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