Jeff Forgeron Gets Rowdy With “Raised Up On It”

Jeff Forgeron and his new single "Raised Up On It"

Turn the volume up! If you need a fist-pumping, crank-the-speakers anthem, then look no further. We’re excited to introduce Jeff Forgeron’s latest song “Raised Up On It”, his first radio single.

The Ontario native deftly blends the rock and country influences he grew up on in this new single “Raised Up On It”. This song is a banger for anyone who’s proud of their blue-collar, hard-working roots. It’s about being proud of where you’ve come from. Always working hard for what you want, and most importantly, never backing down from anything.

stream Raised Up On It by Jeff Forgeron

“I know there are a bunch of people like myself, so I wanted to write a song displaying that,” Forgeron says.

“Raised Up On It” marks the first release where Jeff plays this brand of country-rock … and it’s a direction that fits him perfectly.

From the pounding drums to the distorted rhythmic guitars, the song starts strong! The lyrics start, “We’re the ones who come from a two light town where the world seems to slow on down. We’re the ones working sun up to sun down.” The song builds from there to a driving chorus with Forgeron belting “We’re the ones with the mud up to the door, ain’t afraid of rocking that 4×4.”

This is loud and rowdy blue collar country with an edge. It’s a perfect soundtrack for driving down country roads, or to have blasting at a bonfire.

This song marks an exciting new beginning for Jeff. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from him in the future.

Be sure to stream “Raised Up On It” on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “Raised Up On It” By Jeff Forgeron


Ontario country artist Jeff Forgeron

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