Kalsey Kulyk’s New Dreamy Western Record: Outlaw Poetry

Kalsey Kulyk's Outlaw Poetry Album Cover

Kalsey Kulyk’s latest record, Outlaw Poetry, skillfully intertwines themes of love, heartbreak, and life’s ups and downs with a captivating blend of honesty and southern charm. 

Outlaw Poetry Review

This nine-piece record has our boots tapping and hearts feeling all the emotions. 

Through bold vocals and the perfect blend between traditional and contemporary country music, Outlaw Poetry delivers an unapologetically honest collection of songs that boldly navigate between powerful reflections on relationship struggles and thoughtful reflection on love and life.

Outlaw Poetry Track Listing 

  1. Love Me Like an Outlaw
  2. Blame It on a Man
  3. Dontcha 
  4. Hand-Me-Down Purse
  5. Big Deal
  6. Bad Thoughts 
  7. Ain’t Enough Whiskey 
  8. Better Think Twice
  9. Heaven, Are You Listening?

“Dontcha” hit Canadian country radio two weeks ago, following the success of “Love Me Like an Outlaw,” which has over 2 million streams and made it to the top 20!

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Looking for empowering songs that are sure to get you hyped up? Listen to “Blame It on a Man”, “Ain’t Enough Whiskey” or “Better Think Twice”! 

In search of upbeat songs that are sure to get you moving? “Dontcha” and “Bad Thoughts” have got you covered. 

If you’re seeking an upbeat love song that perfectly captures the excitement of the early stages of a relationship, “Big Deal” is sure to tug at your heartstrings.

How about a slower, heartfelt song that touches on life’s difficulties and feeling overwhelmed? “Heaven, Are You Listening?” offers just that.

Craving a western romance that’s rooted in deep and desperate love? Check out  “Hand-Me-Down-Purse” or “Love Me Like an Outlaw”.

With its diverse range of tracks, this record practically has a song for everything, so you are bound to find one you enjoy and connect with.

Kalsey Joined Us On The Porch During Season 1

Behind Outlaw Poetry

Kalsey poured three years into creating Outlaw Poetry! In October 2021, after parting ways with a record deal, she and her husband set ambitious goals for the next five years with this record being a key component of their vision. 

She took to Instagram to thank a bunch of people who helped make Outlaw Poetry happen, while also sharing the story behind it. She thanked her management, producers, partners, musicians, songwriters, and especially her fans, family, husband, and son for their support in bringing the record to life.

Kalsey said, “A lot of love, laughter, tears and dreaming have been put into this and I am so excited to finally be sharing it with you all!”

More About Kalsey Kulyk

Kalsey’s upbringing in Hudson Bay, Saskatchewan, embraced a more organic way of life, which undoubtedly influences her music. People who know her will tell you she’s always had a talent for music and a strong love for performing.

She also has an incredibly captivating story. In high school, Kalsey fell ill and was diagnosed with cancer- an experience that solidified her belief in a career in music. Overcoming the illness provided her with newfound clarity and purpose. Her recovery journey instilled in her a deeper appreciation for her passion for music, which fueled her determination to pursue it with even greater meaning and dedication.

Kalsey’s vocals are strong, warm and authentic, but she still has that country grit sound with a nostalgic charm that captivates listeners.

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