Lennon Stella Lands a Record Deal

Lennon Stella from Nashville gets a record deal

We have HUGE news for Canadian country music. Lennon Stella, who plays Maddie on the TV show Nashville, has just signed her first record deal. This is a big freaking deal!

Here’s what Lennon tweeted out yesterday:

It was announced that she has been signed by RECORDS record label, with a distribution deal from Columbia Nashville Records. RECORDS is a relatively small label, but with an artist like Noah Cyrus on their roster, and a distribution contract with Columbia Records, this is bound to be a big push for Lennon’s career.

Why Lennon Stella’s Record Deal is a Big Deal

Lennon Stella grew up in a really small town in Ontario named Claremont (not too far from Toronto). Her parents are country artists who are known as The Stellas. Back in 2009, the whole family moved to Nashville in order for the Stellas to further their career in the world of country music.

In Nashville, Lennon and her sister Maisy auditioned for a little TV show called Nashville. At about the same time, Lennon and Maisy posted a video of them singing a cover of Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” which went instantly viral! Audiences fell in love with the harmonies of these two girls. Here’s the video here:

From there, the career of these two girls just exploded. They became social media celebrities, Nashville is now in Season 6, and they toured around the music festival circuit together performing as the duo “Lennon & Maisy”. They even performed at Boots & Hearts, one of the biggest country music festival in North America.

This new venture comes as the final season of Nashville airs (although, who knows if this is really the last season… there’s been like 3 final seasons of this show). Her voice is entrancing, and she’s bound to release some really great music.

Back to why this record deal is such a big deal – because of her current celebrity status, she has the potential to become a Canadian artist with a huge debut in an American market. Her album will likely be one of the highest, if not highest, debuting albums ever by a Canadian artist in the US. Even Shania Twain’s debut album only peaked at number 67.

She has announced that her new music will be mostly in the pop genre, but will no doubt have some country flair to it, and will likely be considered a cross-over artist. Either way, this is going to be a big deal for Canadian country music!

No news on when her first single will be released, but it’s going to be a huge year for Lennon Stella, and we can’t wait to see where this goes. Stay tuned, we’ll keep you updated.

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