Cole Malone Releases Country Rock Anthem “One Man Army”

Country Rock Artist Cole Malone

This is a good one! Cole Malone has released a country-rock anthem and we have it blasting on repeat. “One Man Army” is the first single for Cole since 2018.

“One Man Army” as a single showcases Cole’s deep vocals with traditional country sounds mixed in with rock. It’s a great song. Both the lyrics and music keeps the listener engaged throughout the entire song. Listening to the lyrics of the song, you can tell this song comes from a personal place.

stream "One Man Army" by Cole Malone

We caught up with Cole Malone to talk about the creation of the song:

“In 2018, things were really going my way,” Cole says. “Being booked on the Boots & Hearts Main stage, BVJ, and the list goes on. I worked my entire life for this moment and right when all of that hard work was finally coming together, my body gave out.” Cole continues, “my mental health issues were leading to physical health issues that caught up with me. I was burning the candle at both ends and it finally gave out.”

“I thought it was over … Then came the song ‘One Man Army’. I wrote this song and began to live by the title. I said enough, changed my life, focused on my health, nutrition, fitness, and most importantly, my mental health. Dedicated myself to constant improvement. Not only for myself but for my wife and two boys. I felt like I failed them,” he said. “I vowed to show them what hard work a dedication looks like and lead by example. ‘One Man Army’ was the key that unlocked the door.”

It’s clear that “One Man Army” is an incredibly personal song to Cole. Be sure to stream it on Apple Music and Spotify.

Stream “One Man Army” By Cole Malone

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