“Slip Back In Time” With Tyler Del Pino’s Newest Single

Tyler Del Pino

Winnipeg’s Tyler Del Pino has released his newest single “Slip Back In Time” on all streaming platforms today. 

Described as always having “one foot in and one foot out” of country music, “Slip Back In Time” gently pushes on the boundaries of country music.

“Slip Back In Time” Kicks Off A New Chapter Of Music

“Slip Back In Time” is the first single released by Tyler Del Pino, from his upcoming album Out Of A Clear Blue Sky. 

“Slip Back In Time” weaves together references to classic songs and vinyl records, creating a nostalgic atmosphere that transports listeners to another era. As the story unfolds, a couple is unwinding after a hectic week, and finding solace and escape in the power of music. 

To build anticipation for his upcoming album, Tyler Del Pino has planned a meticulous release strategy. Each song from “Out Of A Clear Blue Sky” will be released six weeks apart, allowing listeners to savor and appreciate each track individually. Accompanying the digital release of “Slip Back In Time,” the official music video will debut a week later, further enhancing the immersive experience of the song. 

Additionally, Del Pino has prepared live studio sessions with his 9-piece big band, Tyler Del Pino & The Brasstronautz, to keep audiences engaged throughout the release cycle.

A Journey On and Off the Stage

Tyler Del Pino’s musical journey extends beyond the studio and onto the stage. To support the release of “Slip Back In Time” and the announcement of his album, he will embark on a three-week tour commencing on July 1st. Audiences can expect an unforgettable live performance from Tyler Del Pino & The Brasstronautz.

Following the success of his recent single “Patchwork,” which garnered over 100,000 views within its first month, Tyler Del Pino is set to release his next EP in Winter 2024. With his passion for songwriting and commitment to delivering unique musical experiences, Del Pino continues to captivate listeners and push the boundaries of genre, leaving listeners eagerly awaiting what lies ahead.

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More About Tyler Del Pino

Tyler Del Pino hails from Winnipeg and has always challenged the boundaries of genres. His sophomore EP, “In The End” released in 2021, showcased his distinctive brand of “Canadiana” that blends elements of alt-country, Americana, and East Coast folk-rock. Del Pino’s sound is deeply rooted in timeless melodies and starry-eyed narratives, reminiscent of legendary artists like James Taylor and Sam Roberts. His songs resonate with thoughtfulness and optimism, evoking a sense of genuine connection with his listeners.

Tyler Del Pino’s ability to seamlessly fuse genres, pay homage to musical legends, and tell captivating stories through his music sets him apart as a remarkable artist. As he prepares to release his upcoming album “Out Of A Clear Blue Sky,” Del Pino’s meticulous release strategy and engaging live performances ensure that fans and newcomers alike will be treated to an unforgettable musical journey. Keep an eye out for Tyler Del Pino as he leaves an indelible mark on Canadian music.

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