Introducing Son of John and Their Single “Country Pure”

Father-son country duo Son of John

Front Porch Sponsored PostSon of John are one of the most interesting musical duos to hit the Canadian country/roots genre in a very long time. Their debut single “Country Pure” is a musical treat that promises to delight from the first sound of the fiddle.

The British Columbia-based act features son Javan Johnson and dad Johnny P. Johnson. The pair seamlessly blend two generations and genres as they create country/roots tunes together, bringing the genre back to its storytelling and traditional roots.

Download the song "Country Pure" by Son of John

“Country Pure” is a surprising song. “When you see the title ‘Country Pure’ you might think of cowboy culture or certain stereotypes of country music – farms, trucks, beer, blue jeans,” says Javan. “But the song is more about those people that wear boots and jeans in the middle of downtown Vancouver. They may have left the country for whatever reason but they’re authentic in the way [they] dress and act – their heart is still where they’re from – and that’s really the essence of the song.”

“We’re country boys – my dad grew on [a] farm in rural Saskatchewan, and I grew up on an acreage by the river in BC,” he continues. “Even though [‘Country Pure’] doesn’t sound like the songs on country radio – I don’t think you can deny that our music is country. We make music that’s authentically us – and that’s what being country pure is all about.”

We agree! There’s no denying that Son of John are part of the country music landscape in Canada – there’s space for all kinds of artists within this great genre.

Listen to “Country Pure”

About Father-Son Duo Son of John

Son of John are one of the most unique duos to grace the music scene in Canada in a very long time. Javan and Johnny P. Johnson are bringing country music back to its roots. Being a father and son team allows them to speak to multi-generational audiences. Listening to their music you can hear inspirations from both traditional and modern country.  The pairing of these two sounds gives their music an unmistakable feeling of nostalgia, while keeping it fresh without sounding dated. The Son of John sound is truly an experience for the ears.

Javan Johnson and John Johnson make up the band Son of John

These two artists from British Columbia are not only prime storytellers, they’re also incredibly talented musicians. Javan is a multi-instrumentalist and was nominated for Fiddle & Mandolin Player of the Year at the 2019 BCCMA Awards. He’s also a talented songwriter, and freelance fiddle/mandolin player for multiple Canadian country artists. Johnny brings his experience and vocal talent as the front man of two ’90’s bands called the nerV, and the BCCMA-nominated Midnight Harvesters. The talent and experience of this duo speaks (and sings) for itself! 

As the only active father-son duo in Canada right now, they are hoping to become the first parent-child act to find success in country music since the Judd’s.

We are looking forward to hearing more from Son of John, and seeing what’s next next!

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