[On The Porch S3:E3] Not A Podcast About Books with Brittany Kennell

Brittany Kennell on the porch

This week on the podcast we have Brittany Kennell join us. With Jenna and Brittany being both avid book readers, this episode could have easily become a book podcast. But don’t worry … We still got to know Brittany and talk a lot about her journey as a country artist. From her time touring with […]

Nicole Rayy’s “Guilty”: A Country Rock Anthem of Unapologetic Love

Nicole Rayy single cover for "Guilty"

5-time CMA Ontario nominee Nicole Rayy captivates audiences with her latest release “Guilty”, a love song that pushes boundaries and explores the depths of passion. “Guilty” features the strong voice that we have come to expect from Nicole Rayy. It’s a song that delves into a love so intense it feels outlawed. Rayy’s collaboration with […]