Nicole Rayy’s “Guilty”: A Country Rock Anthem of Unapologetic Love

Nicole Rayy single cover for "Guilty"

5-time CMA Ontario nominee Nicole Rayy captivates audiences with her latest release “Guilty”, a love song that pushes boundaries and explores the depths of passion.

“Guilty” features the strong voice that we have come to expect from Nicole Rayy. It’s a song that delves into a love so intense it feels outlawed. Rayy’s collaboration with songwriters Douglas Romanow and Chrystal Oudijk brings forth a country rock sound with bluesy undertones, marking a bold, yet still familiar departure for Nicole.

Unveiling the Story

In the lyrics, Rayy paints a vivid picture of a love so extraordinary that one might willingly face imprisonment for it.

The lyrics convey the intensity and depth of a connection that transcends societal norms, creating a unique and memorable listening experience.

“Guilty” represents a significant evolution in Nicole Rayy’s musical journey, showcasing her versatility and authenticity as an artist. The infusion of country rock elements underscores Rayy’s commitment to exploring different facets of her sound while staying true to her roots.

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About Nicole Rayy

Nicole Rayy isn’t just a country artist … she’s a force in the industry.

As the founder of HarmoniaFest, an all-female music festival, Rayy has championed women in music.

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Rayy’s influence extends beyond her music.

She’s played at prestigious festivals worldwide, including Hagersville Rocks, Dauphin’s Countryfest, and even the World Music Festival in Shanghai, China. Her dedication to supporting female artists is evident through initiatives like the #AllWomanMusic songwriters’ series and the creation of HarmoniaFest.

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In a world saturated with love songs, “Guilty” stands out as a testament to Nicole Rayy’s ability to push boundaries and redefine her musical identity.

Embrace the unapologetic celebration of love and join Rayy on her journey through the evolving landscape of country rock.


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