Annika Catharina Is Asking “What If I” In Brand New Single

Annika Catharina "What If I"

Annika Catharina’s brand new single “What If I” is available everywhere today, marking her first release of 2024.

What a way to kick off the year; “What If I” dares you think about taking a chance on what could be, and not letting fear dictate your life.

Diving In to “What If I”

“This song was inspired by a past friendship where we were both too afraid to express our true feelings. Our false comfort ultimately stopped us from acting on how we felt and taking a chance together. It can be confusing to know where you stand with someone early on, so this song is about having the confidence to take a risk and believing in all the good things that could come from taking the next big step.”

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With the release of this new single, Annika Catharina is digging deeper as both an artist and songwriter while also using this love-inspired single to serve as a broader metaphor for anyone who wants to take a risk that could bring added confidence and fulfillment. 

“What If I” was co-written by Catharina, alongside fellow country artists Parker Graye and Brettyn Rose, and producers The Renaissance (Dan Botch and Garrett Ward)

“What If I” Proves Relatable And Universal

The themes and inspiration behind Annika’s new song might hit you in the feels and have you thinking back to the time you should’ve dove in and taken a chance. Or, it might just be the pep talk you need to take that chance right now.

Annika says, “I feel like this is a song that’s most relatable to relationships, but also applies to feeling stuck in a job or a moment where you want something more. I want people to feel happy, hopeful, and excited when they hear ‘What if I’ and feel bold enough to go after the person, relationship, and the life that they really want.”

With more music on the 2024 horizon, Annika kicks off 2024 with a hopeful outlook on the year ahead.

Stream “What If I”

More About Annika Catharina

Annika Catharina, hailing from the Fraser Valley region of British Columbia, discovered her love for country music through Patsy Cline’s timeless tunes.

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Overcoming a life-altering 2017 accident with resilience, she pursued music, thriving in competitions like Variety’s Got Talent.

After a successful start with duo Broadway Crush, Annika’s solo journey began in 2023, marked by hits like “Better” and “Broke It.” Partnering with popular producers, The Renaissance (Garrett Ward and Dan Botch), her 2024 single “What If I” showcases her unwavering passion and gratitude for an opportunity to share her passion with the world.

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