Embracing Heartbreak and Growth: A Journey Through Robyn Ottolini’s “Growing Up To Do” EP

When I hear ICONIC, I think Robyn Ottolini’s newest EP Growing Up To Do! Ottolini recently released her EP and it has been on repeat ever since.

She opens up Growing Up To Do with “Heartless”, and it has to be the best way to begin this musical masterpiece.

Ottolini wrote “a lot of heartbreak, self questioning, will for more & nostalgia went into this EP” in her Instagram release post.

“Heartless” definitely gives us the heartbreak portion of the EP. Chasing your dream isn’t always the prettiest thing, and for Ottolini, it meant leaving something else she loved. This is definitely a track that will help you reminisce on a relationship that you may have had to give up on to pursue your dream and put yourself first.

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Following “Heartless”, Ottolini comes strong with “All My Friends Are Hot”. This track is such a hype-woman song. Definitely a way to bond with your sisters and bring up the vibes. It helps you appreciate the ones you have in your life.

“Midas” comes in hot right after. “Midas” gives you the feeling of just wanting someone and wanting to explore. It’s certainly a track that makes you want to give up control and say “what the heck”.

The next track is the one that really gets you in the heartbreak department. “I Kissed Your Boyfriend” is a very apologetic one. It tells the story of meeting someone and not knowing they had someone at home for them, but after finding out, having an immense sense of guilt and having to tell the one who’s waiting.

After going through that heartbreak, there’s self-reflection and wanting more going on in “Sick of Sex”. In the dating scene, it’s hard to find someone on the same page and this track really shows that. Although the intentions aren’t shown directly, it ends up being people only wanting sex with you. Ottolini decides to choose herself in this song and not wanting to just have another hook-up but actually wanting to be alone until someone likes and loves her back. This track is on repeat! Everything about it is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. It’s the soft way she says “in my brain” as if it’s actually a whisper in her head as well. It comes together in such a fantastic way.

For those nostalgic feelings, it all comes together in “House I Grew Up In”. This track gives space to reminisce on your childhood but also noticing that so much more has happened outside of that house and there’s more to look forward to while still growing. This is a song for everyone. What I love about this track is how it gives space to keep growing. It’s not just about the one that you were raised in because more life lessons came along way after leaving that house.

The flow of all these tracks is impeccable. The way I listen to it is as if it’s one whole story. Starting from going through a heartbreak because you had to follow your dream with “Heartless”, then going out with your girls and living life, with “All My Friends Are Hot”, experimenting with someone and not caring about what other people think with “Midas”, finding out not so great news while you in the dating scene with “I Kissed Your Boyfriend”, wanting to find more while dating in “Sick of Sex”, and ending off the chapters of this incredible book with thinking back on life with the “House I Grew Up In” but also realizing growing up hasn’t finished yet and there’s more adventures that await.

To keep celebrating the release of Growing Up To Do, Ottolini is continuing her tour starting March 19. In this leg of the tour, she will be visiting Halifax, Moncton, Kingston, Kitchener, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary, Red Deer, and Vancouver.

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