Jeff Catto Gives Us An Update About Life and His Latest Single “Out Of My Head”

Jeff Catto

A few weeks ago we brought you Jeff Catto’s “Out of My Head”.

We got the chance to talk to him about the track and what is up next for him.

“‘Out of My Head’ was inspired by heartbreak,” Catto said. “I’ve recently divorced in the past couple of years since moving out to Alberta and I think that with any heartbreak that you go through and in that trying period, I think you get really good music out of it. I think that this song itself is something that kind of everybody has gone through whether they have somebody that just won’t let them go kind of thing, keep calling or keep seeing them in different ways.”

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With this new track, Catto’s listeners have been loving it.

They’re experiencing a new side of him with a switch in musical perspective and musical tone, and it has been hitting well with new and old listeners. Catto has also been loving his new sound and we can all expect to hear more of it.

Jeff said he’s having fun with it and it’s something he can rock out to. 

Stream “Out of My Head”

He’s currently working on a dozen new songs and we can expect to hear more singles throughout the year. A new project is also on the way for Catto which will be more of an acoustic vibe.

“Keep doing what you love to do. I know making music helped me go through my dark and hard times and there is light at the end of the tunnel. Music is medicine. Turn on some good tunes, and whatever you’re going through, you can make it,” Catto said, explaining how music has helped him get through his own personal hard times.

From now to June, Catto will be playing agricultural shows in Alberta. He’ll be coming back to Ontario in August for a few dates, and going back to Alberta for a tour in the fall. 

To keep up to date with all his dates, news and new music, follow him on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

“Out of My Head” is available to stream on all your favourite platforms now. 

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