A Chat With Lemon Cash About Their New Song “Thank You For The Music”

Brother duo from Ottawa Lemon Cash

It’s been a little over a week since the release of “Thank You for the Music” from Lemon Cash.

The Lemon Cash boys were super excited for this one as it’s been their first release since June 2023

We’ve got all the details for you on what they were most excited for with this release, what’s spinning for them right now, and what they’re looking forward to for this year. 

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The track was pitched to Cory and Jeff by their producer Dan Swinimer. Having written this song with Tyler Joe Miller and Wes Mack, the boys were taken away and were super excited simply by having Swinimer come to them to have them take the track. 

“It’s just such a song that rings true to kind of why we do this, why we write music, why we listen to it, why we’re kind of just involved in the world of music and everything that it guides us towards,” said Jeff Papineau. For Cory and Jeff, there are lyrics that allow them to reminisce on their past. Cory has always loved Bruce Springsteen and grew up listening to him. Jeff always found himself listening to music to get through some days and help him get lost for a little while.

For the brothers, music has been able to motivate them and play a theme for their lives. 

On the topic of themes, right now the boys are listening to some more mellowed out tunes. Cory has been listening to Stick Season by Noah Kahan (any other Noah fans here!?) and Jeff has some more sadder type music going on, not because he’s sad, but because he misses the warmth of summer!

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Moving forward to the summer, the boys are super excited for what’s coming up.

Everyone can catch Lemon Cash at the Boot Hill Jamboree in Bothwell which is going to be a fun time! Another show they’ll be playing in November in which they’re excited and nervous for is a theater show in North Bay.

We also might be in luck this year with a possible EP or full length album! Fingers are surely crossed for that!

Lemon Cash hopes their music can be the theme to any of their listener’s lives. Whether it’s helping them get through a difficult time or cranking them up for a good time. “Hang in there because that time will pass and something will happen where you’ll snap out of that funk and something good will happen and you’ll focus on that. And then when that good thing happens, unfortunately, that will pass, too, and then you’ll move on to whatever next segment of your well being is. So, it’s just basically music to us. I listen to music to help me feel better. There’s something that it does to me. So, we hope that our music does that for people,” said the brothers. 

Whether it’s to help you get through the tough times or help in the good times, we sure are glad Lemon Cash brought us “Thank You for the Music”. If you haven’t heard it yet, it’s available on all streaming platforms. 

Be sure to keep posted on any other Lemon Cash details on Instagram, X, Facebook and TikTok.

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