Lemon Cash Brings Heartbreak to Life with Their Latest Single, “Breakup Song”

Country duo Lemon Cash

Lemon Cash are celebrating the release of their latest single, “Breakup Song”, which has recently been announced as Stingray Radio’s Trending Track along with Rogers Radio’s One To Watch.

Cory and Jeff know how to have a good time, and interviewing them was no different. Except they had to do rock, paper, scissors to see who would answer each question. 

We talked about “Breakup Song”, signing their record deal with Sakamoto Music, and more!

Bringing “Breakup Song” To Life

Cory and Jeff have been working with Dan Swinimer for a couple years now. “Breakup Song” is one of the first songs they worked on together. 

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Co-written with Dan, along with Wes Mack, “Breakup Song” has a bittersweet plot twist; you never thought the song you’d write about your relationship would be a breakup song.

“We’re at Dan’s in his basement, we had Wes Mack on the Zoom call, and he had the start of the song. It was basically about a breakup, an uplifting, but bittersweet vibe. Who’d have thought that the first song I’d write about us and our relationship was about our breakup,” says Jeff, of Lemon Cash.

He continues, “It’s got a good feel to it. We didn’t want it to sound like a typical breakup song. It’s clever in the way it’s mentioned in the song, and we feel that it captures our sound and energy.” 

The brother duo is excited to play “Breakup Song” live and really bring it to life. They like to have fun and bring a lot of energy when they play. They can’t wait to play it as a breakup anthem.

“Breakup Song” Is For Anyone Experiencing Heartbreak

While Jeff and Cory are happily partnered up, writing breakup songs is what country music is all about. Pairing that with what Cory and Jeff are all about – having a good time, and you get a breakup song that gives you energy and has you ready to get back on those streets.

Jeff says,  “‘Breakup Song’ is for anyone who’s going through a breakup. It’s for country music fans who have been through or are going through a difficult breakup but want to dance and let loose at the same time. 

If you have a chance to catch the live show, you may even get a pep talk. Jeff says, “Life gets better, things happen for a reason. Better things will happen, keep your head up.”

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“Breakup Song” Is The First Release Through Sakamoto Music

With the announcement of their brand new single came the additional announcement of Lemon Cash’s signing to Sakamoto Music. Already signed to Sakamoto Agency, the extension of their relationship really rounds out the further development of the band.

Cory says, “We’re so excited! Fingers crossed that we can work some magic together.”

Grateful for the people in their corner and the team they’re building, Lemon Cash have a lot to be excited about in the coming months.

Jeff says, “We’re so grateful for Sakamoto, Paul Biro, Joelle May, and the rest of the team. We’re so grateful to our manager, Tina Simpkin for connecting us all. We have such a great relationship.”

Lots More Music To Come From Lemon Cash!

With a ton of brand new music in the pipeline, “Breakup Song” is the first of a lot of new music to come.

“Breakup Song was everyone’s first choice. It’s upbeat, it’s a great fit for radio. It stood out,” says Cory. 

Jeff adds, “It’s special in that sense because we were both co-writers on the song. We’ve been working with Dan so it’s great to have him be part of this with us.”

This seems to be a shared sentiment as Lemon Cash scored Stingray Music’s Trending Track and Rogers Radio’s One To Watch. “Breakup Song” will be crashing the airwaves of stations across the country all summer.

Get To Know Lemon Cash

Growing up, Ottawa-born brothers Cory and Jeff found solace in music during challenging times. From a young age, they began singing, writing, and recording together, channeling their experiences and emotions into their creative endeavors. After exploring different musical genres, Lemon Cash found their true calling in country music, drawing inspiration from their upbringing and the genre they had always loved.

Lemon Cash Brothers Joined Us For An Episode Of Our Podcast

With their authentic storytelling, infectious energy, and undeniable talent, Lemon Cash have quickly gained fans and industry recognition. As they continue to make their mark on the country music landscape, Lemon Cash’s debut album, along with their collaboration with Sakamoto Music, promises to be a monumental milestone in their career. 

Keep an eye out for this talented duo as they continue to shine and captivate audiences with their music that resonates with the heart and soul of country music.

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