Brother Duo Lemon Cash Want To Say “Thank You For The Music”

Brother Duo Lemon Cash single "Thank You For the Music"

Ottawa-based duo, Lemon Cash, is back at it again with a brand new single that just dropped today!

“Thank You for the Music” is a special song to the boys and they wanted to share it with everyone, especially those who can relate. 

The new track is meant to be an ode to the power of music. “Music has spoken to me in many ways and is the light guiding me through the darkest of times. Music plays a constant role in my life as the soundtrack to the different paths I take on this unprecedented journey,” says the band. 

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They were careful choosing the lyrics and particular in the chords we hear as they wanted to give it a “right at home” feeling, which is the feeling most music lovers get while listening to their favourite music. They were always inspired and motivated by music which is why they wanted to strike a chord in the hearts of their listeners. 

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More About Lemon Cash

This brother duo, Cory and Jeff Papineau, is one to look out for. They initially started off as a cover/rock band, but they’re making their mark in the Canadian country music scene. 

The Brothers Joined Us For A Drinking Game

In spring 2023, Lemon Cash signed to Sakamoto Music (Warner Music Canada). From there, they released their first signed single “Breakup Song” in June which led them to their very first Top 40 radio hit, and featured as the Rogers “One to Watch” and Stingray “Trending Track”. The song surpassed their entire past streaming catalogue within its first few weeks of release, racking up nearly 135K streams. 

Throughout the past year, Lemon Cash performed at the Men’s World Curling Championships in Ottawa, the Ottawa Senators’ Fan Appreciation Day, Renfrew Music Festival, Richmond Fair, Rogers Radio Staff BBQ, and many more events. 

Best part about LC is their name! The brothers made money running a lemonade stand as kids and as adults, they wanted to pay homage to their initial partnership which led them to their name, Lemon Cash.

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