Small-Town Duo Tandem Release Their Debut Single “Replay”

Country Duo Tandem from Ontario

Sam Glasier and Keith Hundt have been playing music together since they were in the eighth grade. The duo call themselves Tandem and have been playing the local circuit in Grey-Bruce, Ontario for a number of years.

Predominantly a cover band, Tandem have just dipped their toes into releasing original music, with their debut single “Replay”.

Picture a Friday night with your favourite people, in your favourite place, with your favourite beverage, and you’ve got the recipe for “Replay”. 

“We wrote ’Replay’ in June of 2015. Our aim was to write a feel good song that everyone could relate to and would fit the vibe of our small town gigs at local pubs,” says the duo.

Learn more about Tandem in our interview below!

Interview: Introducing Tandem

FP: Introduce yourselves to the Front Porch. Who is Tandem? Tell us how the two of you met and started performing together.

T: We met in Kindergarten and have grown up together. Then we were asked to perform a song at grade eight graduation and have been a duo since. This year will be our 13th year performing together. 

FP: When did you get inspired to start writing original music? How does it feel to be recording your own songs after years playing covers?

T: Originally we wrote a few songs separately in high school. When we would meet up to practice, we’d bounce ideas off each other of our incomplete songs. Replay was one of those songs. It feels awesome to finally be sharing our own music with people. We love playing our favourite covers but nothing is quite like playing your own songs at a gig and seeing the odd few people sing along. We are participating in a songwriters showcase in Port Elgin in March, where we will get to play a 45-minute set of originals only and are looking forward to the opportunity to showcase our own content. 

FP: What are some of your favourite cover songs to play?

T: Tennessee Whiskey – Chris Stapleton
Revival – Zach Bryan
Take it Easy – Eagles

FP:Tell us about “Replay”. What made you decide to release this one as your first single? 

T: This is one of our first original songs that we wrote together. We wanted to release this song first as we feel it showcases our talents well. We love the vibe it brings. It is a feel good song that everyone can relate to. Who doesn’t want to listen to their favourite song on replay?! 

FP: As small town kids, what are some of the funny things people sing about in country music that genuinely make sense to you – what are the funny things they sing about that you’re like, no that’s not how we grew up?

T: Things that make sense to us in country music are definitely just hanging out with your friends and knowing everyone in your small towns. We’ve all gotten a little too crazy at a field/bush party and have an ex we can’t seem to avoid.

For things we can’t relate to, the football games and Friday night lights. We go to hockey games on Friday nights up here! 

Tandem have announced a number of shows for the upcoming year with even more to be announced. Make sure to follow them on socials and catch a date near you.

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