Honestly Taylor-Rae: A Candid Chat About Her Latest EP “Honest” and Future Plans

Taylor-Rae's new EP "Honest"

Taylor-Rae released her latest EP Honest early April and we can’t get enough of it (honestly)!

We got the chance to chat with her about the EP and future plans. 

Honest was inspired by finding her seat in the country music scene.

“Throughout this project I was able to work with some incredible producers and writers who really helped shape the project into what it is. Releasing Honest has been exciting, fulfilling and a learning curve that I am extremely grateful for,” Taylor-Rae said.

About The Music On Honest

She is feeling more confident in herself and in her music. She has been able to learn how to integrate her musical influences in her own music to create her very own style.

The EP took a couple years to complete for the utmost perfect reason. Taylor-Rae wanted to ensure she was intentional with what she was putting out. Writing is an outlet for her and she wanted her lyrics to be genuine and authentic to her. 

Taylor-Rae’s Favourite Track: “If This Is Love”

Out of the six track EP, her absolute favourite is “If This Is Love”. “Being able to record and release that song was such an exciting time for me. It was the moment where I realized I can be exactly the kind of artist I want to be and find success. It really opened up my world and is part of the reason that the track “Honest” was born,” she said. 

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Taylor-Rae Plays Boots & Hearts Music Festival

Speaking of being honest, she couldn’t be more excited to be playing at Boots and Hearts again this year! Two years ago, Taylor-Rae and her band were part of the emerging artist showcase and they all had the same dream – to play a full set at Boots and Hearts.

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Now that it is happening this year, she wants to soak up the entire moment. They’ll be giving us some more new music and it’s something we are all looking forward to.

Connecting Through Music: Taylor-Rae’s Message to Listeners

The one thing Taylor-Rae wants her listeners to know while listening to her music is that they are not alone in their feelings.

“A lot of times we can feel isolated by sadness or fear and really, we all feel those things but tend to keep it to ourselves. I hope people are able to find themselves somewhere in the music, whether that be a song like ‘Honest’ or ‘Hellbent’,” she said.

What’s Next For Taylor-Rae

Taylor-Rae is already back in the studio working on new music and she has a whole bunch of fun shows lined up for the summer months!

More shows are to be announced  so be sure to stay in the loop by following her through her social media platforms: Instagram, X, Facebook

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