Jeff Catto Is Back With New Single “Out Of My Head” ft. Lauren Mayell

Jeff Catto's new song "Out of my head"

Our friend Jeff Catto is back and has recently released another beautiful single! “Out of My Head” released February 16th and has been on our rotation.

The track shares the feelings some people may have about previous partners.

After breaking up with someone and going back into the dating pool, some of the people you come across just don’t match the way you felt with your ex.

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There’s also so many memories that you may have come up with while with that partner and it somehow feels like those memories haunt you everywhere you go while you’re trying to move on.

“Out of My Head” features Alberta’s one and only Lauren Mayell and she compliments the song so well. Her voice in the track makes it seem it isn’t only one party that’s having feelings about their ex.

What’s even more exciting is that “Out of My Head” will be hitting radio March 1st, so turn up those radios and catch this banger of a song!

Stream “Out Of My Head”

More About Jeff Catto

Originally from Owen Sound, he now calls the city of Calgary his home.

Jeff Catto found his love for being a musician when he stumbled upon his spontaneous audition on Canadian Idol at a young age. After taking a break in the country music world, Catto returned to music a few years later in the Christian genre. It was super successful for him as 15 of his singles broke top 10 charts on Canadian radio.

Jeff returned to the indie-country scene with more high energy and heartfelt tunes. 

Before “Out of My Head” was released, his singles “Million Dollar View”, “Livin’ My Best Life”, “Round Of Life”, “Want You Even More” and “Friend” spent time on Sirius XM and landed on over 500 global stations.

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Catto also wrote “Summertime” for Aaron Pritchett and was also awarded the 2023 Gospel Music Covenant Award for Country Artist and Country Song of the year.

For more updates on Catto, be sure to follow him on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram.

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