Riley Taylor’s New Single “You Left Me” Echoes Heartache

Has someone ever made you think that they shoulda, coulda, mighta been ‘the one’ and then broke up with you? If yes, then we have a song for you!

Riley Taylor’s newest release “You Left Me” explores the all-too-relatable feelings of falling in love with somebody only to have them break up with you. 

“You Left Me”: A Song That Captures the Essence of Getting Broken up with

“You Left Me” is an emotional heartbreak ballad that highlights the frustrations and pain that is felt after getting broken up with by somebody you love. 

When somebody breaks up with you, they can leave behind tainted versions of your favourite things, such as a song, bar or town. This song’s lyrics capture that feeling well as he sings, “One less song, I can let play / One less bar, to drink you away / One less town to drive into / ‘Cause now it’s cut clean in-two.” 

The word “relatable” jumps to mind when listening to this song. While not all of us may have experienced a breakup as devastating as this one, many of us have had to make difficult calls like this before, or perhaps lost a friend in a similar way. 

With excellent imagery that describes the emotions felt in the turmoil of love’s end and the repetition of “One less” to highlight the void left by the absence of someone who has left you, this song is a perfect addition to your breakup playlist – or if you’re just in the mood for a good sing-along! 

More About Riley Taylor

Riley grew up in Burton, New Brunswick, surrounded by music and country classics. But it wasn’t until he posted a video singing on Facebook that he realized music was something he wanted to take more seriously. 

Back in 2022, he joined us On The Porch and opened up about how music has helped him overcome being shy (something I think a lot of us can relate to!). 

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In 2021 Riley was crowned the winner of the biggest Canadian country competition- Boots & Hearts Emerging Artist Showcase. Since then, he has released five songs, played shows all across Canada and gained a strong fanbase. 

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As a songwriter and performer, Riley has the unique ability to capture attention through his soulful voice and compelling songs. 

“You Left Me” is his first new music of 2024, and serves as a testament to his skills as both a songwriter and singer. 

Stream “You Left Me” 

Riley Taylor is a name you’ll want to keep on your radar. He is an amazing vocalist, songwriter and performer, so you definitely don’t want to miss what he has in store! 

Keep up with Riley Taylor on Social Media

Although he (openly) is not the best at using social media, you can connect with Riley on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok!

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