Riley Taylor’s New Song “Black Gold”: A Salute To Blue-Collar Heroes

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Riley Taylor has been on a roll, treating us to lots of new music this year!  

His latest single “Black Gold” is more than just a song.

It’s a story about resilience, hard work and the everyday heroes in the blue collar industries. 

A Blue Collar Anthem 

“Black Gold” will transport you to the rugged oil fields of Alberta. 

The song highlights the story of a young man from the East Coast who moves out West in search of some real money

The lyrics do a great job at capturing the pride and pain of working in the oil industry. 

“Old boy, throw that chain / You know how it goes, no pain, no gain / Hammer down, we gotta haul ass / If you wanted it easy, you shoulda stayed in class”

Its distinct western and rustic sound, combined with powerful lyrics, makes it incredibly relatable and empowering to anyone in the blue-collar industry. 

“This song has been a long time coming and is the most requested live song from anything I’ve written,” Riley shared on Instagram.

Behind the Song

Riley and his longtime friend, Cole Ogden, co-wrote this song based on personal experiences.

“I loved the idea because many of us head west in search of the ‘Black Gold’,” Riley shares. 

Riley wanted to use this song to highlight the often misunderstood world of oil and gas. “People don’t realize how vital oil and gas is to the economy and daily life,” he says. 

The song also touches on the sacrifices blue collar workers make as some of them are found leaving their families behind to earn a living.

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Riley hopes “Black Gold” makes people appreciate blue-collar workers more. “These men and women are the backbone of society and should be appreciated,” he says.

Whether you’re a blue collar worker or just appreciate a good story, you’re bound to enjoy Riley Taylor’s “Black Gold”.

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Riley’s Evolution as an Artist

If you’ve been following Riley along on his music journey then you know “Black Gold” has a bit of a different sound than some of his other music. 

Riley’s transition into this more rustic, western-country music signifies an evolution in his artistry. 

“I don’t want to be one-dimensional as an artist,” he says. “I want to be on everyone’s playlist. I have influences from every branch of country music, and I think I owe it to myself to showcase that. It makes it more fun!”

Coming up Next! 

It’s festival season, so you can expect to find Riley jamming out on some festival stages this Summer like Funtastic Festival in BC and North of Nowhere festival in ON!

Of course, you can also find him out East playing lots of new tunes. 

Honkytonk Record Co. and Riley have some big plans and announcements to make in the near future, so be sure to follow them on social media so you don’t miss out on the fun! 

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