Riley Taylor’s New Song “Black Gold”: A Salute To Blue-Collar Heroes

Riley Taylor standing in a field

Riley Taylor has been on a roll, treating us to lots of new music this year!   His latest single “Black Gold” is more than just a song. It’s a story about resilience, hard work and the everyday heroes in the blue collar industries.  A Blue Collar Anthem  “Black Gold” will transport you to the rugged […]

Keep Em Coming: James Downham and Amanda Kind’s new single “Another Round”

Amanda Kind and James Downham at a table

You know that person who’s not good for you, but you just can’t resist them? You feel amazing when you’re with them, but the next morning you wonder why you did it … again?  Well, James Downham and Amanda Kind highlight that exact experience in their new song “Another Round”, now available on all streaming […]