Keep Em Coming: James Downham and Amanda Kind’s new single “Another Round”

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You know that person who’s not good for you, but you just can’t resist them? You feel amazing when you’re with them, but the next morning you wonder why you did it … again? 

Well, James Downham and Amanda Kind highlight that exact experience in their new song “Another Round”, now available on all streaming platforms!

It’s an upbeat, relatable song about having fun tonight and dealing with the consequences tomorrow. 

A Review of the Song

“Another Round” is lively and fun. It’s the kind of song you blast in the car and sing at the top of your lungs with your friends.  

It echoes the sound of Lady A, and I love every bit of it.

The blend of James and Amanda’s heartfelt lyrics and soulful harmonies capture the essence of what made Lady A’s music so timeless and memorable. 

“Another Round” stands in heavy contrast to their last collaboration, “We’re Okay”, which was a sad country ballad, like something you’d hear from Tim McGraw and Faith Hill. 

The song’s lyrics are incredibly catchy. After just one listen, the words stick with you.

Lines like “This same old bar / we’ll shut it down / can’t forget you in this map dot town / Don’t care what the proof is / Baby let’s do this / Bartender pour me one more, give me another round!” are memorable and easy to sing along to. 

It’s clear that a lot of thought and time went into this song, making sure the key, harmonies and overall sound were just right. 

Listen to “Another Round”

The Creation of the Song

Believe it or not, Amanda, James and their producer, Matt Koebel, wrote this song in one night! 

They were very analytical and critical when it came to the lyrical and musical aspects of this song. 

“Both of us are pretty picky about how the melody sounds, how it takes off,” Amanda explained, “I want to sing it back after hearing it just once and if I can’t, we figure out how to make it better”

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They wanted to make a fun, relatable song that would really stick with country music fans. 

“We hope this song reminds people of that electric kind of love that feels so good you just keep coming back for more,” said James. 

About Amanda Kind and James Downham

Raised in small town rural Ontario, James Downham called Pembroke and Picton home before settling in Southwestern Ontario. He currently lives in Stratford, Ontario. 

James debuted his country album “The Long Way Home” last April, and the album has since gathered over 300,000 streams across platforms.

He gained early recognition as the winner of Season 2 of Canada’s reality talent show “The Shot” and was selected from thousands of applicants as one of only 14 artists to participate in The Shot: Canada vs. USA, touted as “North America’s most intense virtual songwriting competition.”

Originally from White Rock, British Columbia, Amanda Kind now calls Waterloo, Ontario home. Known for her powerful, soulful vocals that blend contemporary and classic country influences, she channels a style that reflects Martina McBride and Patsy Cline.

Amanda’s debut country EP, “The Good Fight”, released last November and features popular singles like “Slow Dance” (which reached #1 on SiriusX, Top of the Country) among others.

James and Amanda first collaborated back in 2021 with the release of the duet, “We’re Okay”, a top download played on country radio across Canada.

Following that success, they teamed up again for a holiday track titled “In The Mood For Christmas” last December.

“Another Round” marks their third collaboration!

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