Angelica Appelman is Dancing to Her Ex’s “Ringtone” in First Release of 2024

Angelica Appelman holding a phone

Sorry, I can’t come to the phone right now… I’m too busy listening to Angelica Appelman’s latest single, “Ringtone”! 

I’ve been craving some new songs with confident girl-power vibes, and the Kitchener native has served it up on a silver platter.

“Ringtone” is the first single from Angelica’s upcoming EP, Breaking the Habit, which is set to release later this year. 

A Review of “Ringtone”

Do you have a habit that you really need to break?

Maybe you keep going back to an ex even though you know it’s not going to work out?

“Ringtone” is a fun, empowering sing-a-long about breaking the habit of going back to someone who you have outgrown.

The single meets listeners with a Shania-esque talking bit that establishes the empowering tone for the rest of the song, “Hello? I am not dealing with this.”

As the song progresses, Angelica describes how she used to stay up waiting for her ex to call until she realized that she was better off alone, dancing to his ringtone.

“I used to stare at my phone, and now I put me first and you in the past”

Throughout the song, there are additional talking bits like, “No caller ID? Who could that be…”

The way Angelica delivers those talking bits, you can almost picture her smirking with confidence as she owns her truth. It adds an extra layer of empowerment and personality to the track, which makes it even more exciting to listen to!

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“Ringtone” is all about realizing your worth, putting yourself first and taking back who you are.

It’s a single girl’s revelation.

Listen to “Ringtone”

What’s Next For Angelica? 

What Angelica Appelman has picked up from country icons of the past like Shania Twain and Gretchen Wilson is clear: she’s bringing their confidence and cheeky humour to the new generation of country music fans. 

She is making a name for herself in the Canadian country landscape with a reputation of being one of the hardest workers in the Ontario scene and a very devoted artist to her craft.

You can catch Angelica on a number of stages this summer, including Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Kitchen Stage and on the Kemptville Live Music Festival Stage the night of Dean Brody, as well as many more!

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