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Chris Buck from Chris Buck Band

With the release of Chris Buck Band’s brand new song “Cowboy Boots”, featuring Gord Bamford, also comes a few exciting things this summer.

After a year away reconnecting with what he loves most about country music, along with some personal reflection, Chris Buck Band is ready to release his favourite music yet.

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I chatted with Chris about his new music, sobriety journey, the “Boots and Boats” Songwriter festival, and more.

Catching Up With Chris Buck from Chris Buck Band

FP: Tell me about your new single “Cowboy Boots”. What was the inspo behind it?

Chris took a year away from releasing music to rediscover his love for country. This time spent away reconnected him with his love for 90’s music. 

“I’m writing 90’s style stuff again, it hasn’t been done, people thought I was crazy at first, but I love this more than anything I’ve put out.”

Chris enjoys a night out with friends and loves the live music element of a good night out. Noticing the younger generation is getting back into line dancing, he’s wanting to infuse his music in the space.

FP: How does “Cowboy Boots” fit into the story you’re telling and the vibe you’re discovering with 90s with a Buck twist?

“I’ve definitely been sitting down with my guitar and writing music I want to write. I took some of those newer sounds and combined with the 90’s drum sound. You’ll hear a lot of newer sounding guitar solos.”

“I just noticed down here (Nashville) that songs people were dancing to at bars; they were dancing to the old stuff that was being played.”

“Our live shows..they’re not slow, they’re very upbeat. I really wanted to focus on the really upbeat Chattahoochee sound, Alan Jackson kind of thing. Lean into that side of myself more. I’ve done the trends and what people were trying to do, this is something I’m excited about and have wanted to do. I’m excited about the timing of it.”

FP: In working with Gord Bamford for this song, what did he add?

“Gord’s always had a bit of a 90s sound to him. When I wrote this, I thought wow Gord would sound awesome on this song. It was so organic and happened so easy. I sent it to him and he loved it.”

Stream “Cowboy Boots” by Chris Buck Band ft Gord Bamford

FP: You took some time away last year, how’d that help your creative process? How did it help you to visualize your career and prioritize?

“I’m living in Nashville, writing with all of these incredible artists. Sobriety really gave me clarity of who I wanted to be as an artist. It motivated me to work 10% harder. It’s about focus and I wanted to keep growing and be the best version of myself. I want to give myself a chance.”

FP: You’ve also been sober for a year now, congratulations. How has that journey been and what’s your advice for those who are sober-curious?

“It comes down to the people you surround yourself with. It’s hard when your friends go out all the time. I had to stay away from going out for about six months. I didn’t trust myself to be in those vulnerable situations. But I don’t even think about it anymore. You have to want to do it. You really have to make a decision, it’s not part of my life anymore. It’s not easy, but I have no regrets. Only good things have come out of it.”

FP: “Boots ‘N Boats” is something you’ve co-founded, what can you tell me about the singer-songwriter festival?

It started as a retreat idea for British Columbia artists to get together to write some songs. It turned from one thing to another.”

“We want to run it like the Key West Songwriters Festival in Florida. It’s the people behind the scenes who write these big songs we want to highlight. I never expected this to be part of my life, but I’m really grateful..

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“We’re doing a writing retreat the Saturday and Sunday mornings as well. Play a singer-songwriter round. Write some music.”

An Exciting Summer Ahead

With more music on the horizon and the “Boots and Boats” Songwriter festival among other shows, Chris Buck is back in action. 

A fresh outlook, crossing one year of sobriety, and a new sound have set Chris up for an exciting year ahead.

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