Introducing Cruz Vallis and His New Single “Hey Heart”

Cruz Vallis sitting on the roof

Cruz Vallis is your typical hardworking, blue-collar neighbour, but he is also a passionate country music lover who is making a mark in the Canadian country scene.

He has always been a country music fan, but is now channeling that passion into proudly representing small towns from coast to coast through his own music. 

Cruz draws inspiration from his roots in Bridgewater, Nova Scotia, and Spruce Grove, Alberta, infusing his music with the maritime charm of his hometown and the rustic essence of his upbringing.

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Highlights and Milestones

Three years into his music journey and independently steering his path, Cruz has had a number of accomplishments to add to his resume. 

He has shared the stage with some of Canadian country music’s favourite artists such as Tebey, Kyle McKearney, Julian Austin and The Prairie States.

Cruz has also captivated Canadian country music fans during notable events like the Canadian Finals Rodeo (AB), DevonFest (AB), The Cloverdale Rodeo (BC), CCMA Week Showcases (ON) and BCCMA Showcases (BC). 

With over 200,000 views on TikTok and a growing social media following, Cruz continues to ascend in his music career.

He even got nominated for the 2023 BCCMA Fan’s Choice Award!

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Cruz’s Latest Single “Hey Heart” 

Do you have someone in your life that’s leaving you second guessing?

Sometimes you need to have a heart-to-heart with yourself, which is exactly what Cruz’s latest single, “Hey Heart”, emphasizes. 

“Hey Heart” is a touching song about speaking to your heart and finding the bravery to try again.

It’s a relatable theme that many listeners can connect with.

Created with beloved Canadian country music star Owen Riegling and songwriter Daryl Scott, “Hey Heart” marks an exciting chapter in Cruz’s music career, showcasing his talent for emotive storytelling and an authentic country sound. 

Listen to “Hey Heart” Now! 

Cruz can be spotted in just about any dive bar or pub, singing a mix of acoustic covers and fresh originals to whoever will listen.

Keep an eye (and an ear) out for him and be sure to give “Hey Heart” a listen!

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