Jolene Harnish Prepares For EP, Celebrates “Eat The Cake” And Gives Insight Into Her Path To Music

Jolene Harnish

Jolene Harnish has been headfirst back into music since the pandemic gave her the freedom and extra time to realign her goals.

Her latest single “Eat The Cake” is about embracing the small wins, celebrating yourself and living in the moment.

“Eat The Cake” follows the release of 2023 singles “Blueberries” and “Heart Too Big To Break”.

I caught up with Jolene to chat more about music, changing gears in her career, and her upcoming EP!

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Interview With Jolene Harnish

FP: Tell me about your new single “Eat The Cake”. What was the inspo behind it?

“I really sucked at celebrating myself.”

After the launch of Staycation Apparel, Jolene’s employee asked her, “Do you ever stop and just celebrate the things you do or do you just move on to the next thing?”

This really opened her eyes. She realized she’s allowed to celebrate the things you do in life, big or small.

“Enjoy the things you have, the moments, and celebrate all the big and little things. So that’s where ‘Eat The Cake’ comes from.”

FP: How does “Eat The Cake” fit into the themes and stories you’ve been telling in your other songs like “Blueberries” and “Heart Too Big To Break”?

The title of Jolene’s upcoming EP is Courage in the Chaos. The themes are around having to be brave amongst all the noise that comes with life. For her, it’s a lot to focus.

“‘Heart Too Big To Break’ was about the things that will knock you down, and if you have something inside you you’re passionate about, it’s never too late. ‘Blueberries’ was inspired by my Dad, and ‘Eat The Cake’ is about having a positive perspective.”

For Jolene, her music is really about carrying themes of positivity, changing perspective, and not being afraid to chase your dreams.

“They’re all my story and I hope that my music is inspiring,” she says.

FP: What do you want listeners to take away from your music?

“I want them to be inspired and to see themselves in the songs. I’m hoping they’re relatable. I’m tired of people putting so much pressure on a number and a look. We’re so much more than that. In my early 20s, I had a deal, I was ready to roll – but I had nothing to tell. And now there’s so much more to tell.”

FP: You’ve been working with Roberta Michele for a little while. How has she helped with elevating your songwriting and career?

“She’s the biggest gift ever. She has completely leveled me up. She’s super supportive, let’s me be my own voice. It’s a collaborative effort, and safe space for me to just be me.”

“Roberta is such an inspiration and one of the best mentors I’ve had in the music industry. She makes me feel like an artist.”

FP: What else can we look forward to this year from you?

Jolene’s EP, Courage in the Chaos will be out at the end of spring, early summer. Along with that she will be getting out to promote the EP and playing lots of shows!

Listen To “Eat The Cake”

More About Jolene Harnish

Jolene Harnish has always been passionate about music. She picked up her life and moved to Toronto from Nova Scotia to pursue music. She delved into the club scene, recorded with an independent label, and stuck it out for as long as she could when the label went out of business.

While she packed up and headed back East, Jolene kept writing and recording music, it just wasn’t the same. “I pretty much gave up on myself and on it. It just wasn’t in the cards,” she says looking back.

With time on her hands during the pandemic, Jolene started an apparel company called “Staycation Apparel”. Her employee encouraged her to have fun with her creative side while she was launching the business, and the song “Staycation” came out of it. “Staycation” hit Top Of The Country Radio on SiriusXM and it clicked; she was having fun with writing.

“I think I just realized I wasn’t happy and I wasn’t fulfilling the biggest part of me.”

This was when she decided to jump back in, with no regrets. She changed her life; her relationship, where she lived, everything. On top of this, she found an Ontario-based team to work with. She’s now co-written with Roberta Michele, Sacha, and Elyse Saunders.

Jolene is now putting the finishing touches on her 6-song EP, which will be released later this Spring.

Jolene’s path is a reminder that it’s never too late. She says, “This is my story I get to tell. It does not matter if you decide to put something on hold for a little while, you can always jump back in.”

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