Jolene Harnish Encourages A Little Self-Indulgence With New Single “Eat The Cake”

"Eat The Cake" by Jolene Harnish

Canadian artist Jolene Harnish is back in the spotlight with her newest single, “Eat The Cake,” a vibrant and uplifting anthem that showcases her signature blend of contemporary country and country-rock influences.

“Eat The Cake” follows the indie radio success of her 2023 single “Blueberries” along with “Heart Too Big To Break”.

Indulge A Little – “Eat The Cake”

“Eat The Cake” bursts to life with infectious energy, immediately grabbing listeners’ attention with its powerful blend of overdriven guitars and driving drums. The track’s production elevates Jolene’s lively and edgy vocals, which effortlessly weave through the melody with both charm and conviction.

“Eat The Cake” carries a good message. You have to remember to embrace life’s brighter moments. The song encourages listeners to indulge in a little self-gratification amidst life’s challenges. 

As Jolene herself explains, “Sometimes, we all need to savor the sweetness of life, just like indulging in a big piece of cake with tempting icing and flavors.”

Eat the cake, take the trip, do the thing. Jolene Harnish has a way of using her music to remind listeners to enjoy life while it’s here. 

Listen To “Eat The Cake”

More About Jolene Harnish

Country artist and songwriter Jolene Harnish has been performing and entertaining since she could walk. Hailing from Nova Scotia, Canada and born into a family of musicians, she has been surrounded by music her entire life.

Jolene is an accomplished singer and songwriter with an ability to take the listener on a journey and connect with them through her stories of identity and hope. Jolene has graced the stages of large festivals, aired on national radio and Sirius XM radio, and has collaborated with some of Canada’s most prolific songwriters and producers. 

And through all of Jolene’s accomplishments, awards, and ups and downs the one thing she hopes listeners will take away from her story is “it’s never too late to follow your dreams”.

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