Mallory Johnson Isn’t Holding Back Anymore With Brand New Single “f*ck that”

Mallory Johnson's cover art for song "f*ck that"

Multi-award winning artist Mallory Johnson steps into a new era today with the release of her brand new single “f*ck that”. 

With the release of this new single, Mallory is saying “to hell with holding back”. 

“f*ck that” is Mallory’s first release since her 2022 album Surprise Party. The release also falls alongside East Coast Music Awards nominations for Fans’ Choice Entertainer and Video Of The Year (Surprise Party).

Embracing A Bold New Perspective

Releasing herself of the confines of her own comfort zone, but also those imposed on her by the music industry, Mallory has found a reenergized sense of creativity by letting it all go.

“‘f*ck that’ came from a place of defeat and disappointment. In early 2023, I was going through a particularly rough time professionally as well as some weird things personally. In the midst of all that, I had a writing session with my good pal Brian Donkers who really gave me a safe space to vent and unload what was on my mind and my heart. I had a lot of pent-up emotions that I didn’t wanna carry anymore and it felt good to finally release them.” 

Showing that music and songwriting can be a place of growth and healing, Mallory is channeling this new outlook into her creativity. Drawing out creativity and experimentation with her craft, Mallory is setting a new standard for rawness and vulnerability.

“I’m getting more comfortable with being uncomfortable and it’s fun to explore that. I’m becoming more experimental with my art and as a result, I’m finding more joy in creating it. Ironically, caring less has made me care more than ever,” Mallory shares. 

Listen to “f*ck that”

More About Mallory Johnson

Mallory Johnson boasts a string of accolades: a 4-time East Coast Music Award winner, multi-CCMA nominee, and 2022 SiriusXM Top of the Country semi-finalist. Her debut album, “Surprise Party,” rocketed to #2 on iTunes country charts upon release, amassing 100K streams in just 3 weeks. 

Notably, her Billboard-charting single “Married” and collaboration “Wise Woman” with Twin Kennedy garnered widespread acclaim, earning praise from CBC, CMT, and Billboard. Mallory’s talents extend beyond music; she co-produced and co-hosted “Wise Woman – The Show,” recognized with nominations at the CCMA Awards. 

With a roster of industry heavyweights, Mallory’s latest installment of music introduces a fresh perspective and excitement for what’s to come.

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