Loop Experience Ear Plugs Review: Protect Your Ears Without Missing a Beat

Ever left a concert with a ring in your ears that seems to last for days? I’ve been there too …

… and I think I’ve found a solution that works to protect my hearing without taking away from the music experience. I want to share my experience with Loop Experience Ear Plugs.

If you spend a lot of time at concerts and festivals, you know how important it is to protect your ears.

I’ve worked in the music industry for years, and I’ve tried everything from foam earplugs to just toughing it out. Spoiler alert … toughing it out isn’t a great idea.

That’s why I want to share my experience with Loop Experience Ear Plugs by Loops. Trust me, these are a game-changer.

I want to make it clear … this is not a paid review. Loops has no idea what Front Porch Music is or that we even exist (But if anyone from Loops is reading this … I’d like more pairs 😉).

This is just a product that I have tried and I want to share my love for it.

Product Information: About Loop Ear Plugs

Product Name: Loop Experience Ear Plugs for Concerts
Brand: Loop Ear Plugs

Loops Experience Ear Plugs

About the Product

  • Noise Reduction: High-fidelity earplugs with a noise reduction rating (SNR) of 18 decibels and NRR of 7. You hear everything, just a bit quieter.
  • Stylish Comfort: Four sizes (XS-L) and four stylish colours (I got the silver metallic ones). They look cool and feel great.
  • Multi-Purpose: Perfect for concerts, festivals, live events, motorcycle rides, and for people with noise sensitivity.
  • Easy to Use: Simple to insert and they don’t stick out. Eco-friendly packaging with a handy carry case and four sizes of soft silicone ear tips.

My Experience With Loop Ear Plugs

I’ve been hitting concerts and festivals since I was a teenager.

Now, not being a teenager anymore (shoutout to my fellow millennials), I’ve noticed my hearing is changing. I’ve “used” foam earplugs for years. But they’re uncomfy and heavily muffle the sound. So, I mostly just left them in my pocket. Bad move …

I’ve got the tinnitus to prove it.

I saw Loop earplugs all over social media but didn’t buy into the hype … Why spend more when foam plugs are cheap?

But as my hearing got worse, I decided to give them a try.

Before heading to CMA Fest in Nashville, I bought a pair on a whim and it was a great decision.

They arrived in a cool little case with a keychain loop …super handy.

The fit? Perfect.

And the sound quality? Fantastic.

I could hear the music and people around me clearly, without the ringing in my ears, or the need to shout. These aren’t just earplugs … they’re a revelation.

Pros and Cons of Loops Ear Plugs


  • Comfort: Multiple sizes mean you get a perfect fit. No more sore ears.
  • Design: Sleek, stylish, and not at all like those ugly foam plugs.
  • Functionality: Great sound quality. You can hear everything clearly.
  • Convenience: Handy carry case with a keychain loop. Easy to take anywhere.


  • Carry Case: A bit larger than necessary, but still fits on your keys.
  • Cleaning: No cleaning brush, but a Q Tip works fine.
Loop Ear Plug carrying case

Comparison To Other Ear Plugs

I’ve used those orange foam plugs from the drugstore.

They do the job but are uncomfortable and mess too much with the sound.

Loop Experience Ear Plugs are miles better. Comfortable for all-day wear and you don’t have to take them out to chat with friends.

Perfect for concerts and festivals. I’ve also used them to help me focus while I’m working at my desk.

Use Cases For Loops

Loop Experience Ear Plugs are great for:

  • Concert-goers and festival fans
  • Music industry professionals
  • People with noise sensitivity
  • Musicians

The Moral Of The Story

If you love live music or work in the music industry, you need the Loop Experience Ear Plugs.

They protect your hearing without compromising on sound quality or comfort, without breaking the bank. I give them 5 stars and highly recommend them to anyone who wants to enjoy music safely.

Logan Miller - Front Porch Music Founder
Logan Miller

As the founder of Front Porch Music, I believe that music has the ability to connect people. I love country music, and I love the country music industry as a whole. My goal is to help music fans find new artists to fall in love with.

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