The Ultimate Country Music Lover’s Holiday Gift Guide

Country Music Gift Guide

It’s that time of the year – and by time, we mean, the clock is ticking, Christmas is getting close and the pressure is on to get your shopping done.

If you have a country music lover on your list to shop for, look no further. We’re here to help you one-stop-shop for the country music lover on your list to buy for.

Nine Gifts For Your Favourite Country Music Lover

1. Custom Cowboy Hat From The Hat Effect

Nothing says YEEHAW like a custom cowboy/rancher hat. If it’s a little out of the gift budget, start your receiver off with a custom hat fitting.

The Hat Effect offers affordable, customized hats that are beautiful for the country loving Canadian.

2. A Favourite Record On Vinyl Or Record Player

Vinyl is a thoughtful gift, not just during the holiday season. With many artists doing a limited run for albums on vinyl, you’re often gifting collector’s items. 

Whether you’re going directly to an artist’s website for their limited edition vinyl or sifting through the racks at a record store, your country-lovin’ gift receiver will absolutely love a record of their favourite album.

Don’t have a record player yet? Amazon has some really great options, including this Angels Horn Turntable.

3. Chilly Moose Cooler for Festival Season

Chilly Moose offers a selection of drinkware and coolers that ensure cold items stay cold and warm items stay warm.

What better way to prepare for festival season than with a cooler that will keep your cold ones…well, cold.

4. Artist Merch

Nothing says “I support your music taste” while also supporting their favourite artist (P.S. Selling merch is a primary source of income for many artists).

Your first stop when shopping for artist merch should be their online store, which is usually found right on their websites. If merch isn’t housed on artist websites, check their social media for links to purchase. 

Tim Hicks has a merch shop that many country fans would go crazy over! Get your local Tim Hicks lover a new hat and shirt this holiday season. Tim even has the “Talk To Time” bundle available.

Alli Walker just dropped some brand new merch in support of her current single “The Whiskey’s Gone”. 

Grab your country music friend brand new Owen Riegling merch before he hits the road with Chase Rice in winter 2024.

5. Concert/Festival Tickets 

The crowd at Big Sky Music Festival 2019

If you are wanting to play the Ticketmaster game, there are some major acts playing across Canada next summer. 

Festival tickets really can be the best bang for your buck. Tons of artists playing full sets all day every day for 2-4 days on end, with each day polishing off with some of the biggest acts in country music.  

Smaller shows and series’ can also be a great cost-savings option, but can be an awesome way to support artists who are just breaking out into country music. 

Here are a few links to our must-see festivals: 

Cavendish Beach Music Festival
Boots and Hearts Music Festival
Country Thunder Alberta
Country Thunder Saskatchewan
LASSO Music Festival

RELATED: Canada has some of the best country festivals. Here’s a list of the major ones across the country …

6. Craft Beer? Craft Spirits? 

Nothing pairs better with country music than beer or whiskey!

Slipping in a 6-pack of craft beer or a mickey of the latest local whiskey release into a stocking is an easy choice for an impactful gift.

Who knows? It might be their new favourite cold beverage and they will keep coming back. 

Park Distillery is based out of Banff, Alberta and is creating spirits with water from the purest place on earth – glaciers high in the Rocky Mountains. 

Red Truck Beer is an honest and independent brewery based in Vancouver with a variety of hops being poured from Pilsner to IPA. Our friends SACHA, Dan Davidson and Danielle Ryan have played here and Red Truck is looking forward to a summer of events to come.

7. Cowboy Boots

Help a festival-goer out by hooking them up with some new boots!

Boulet Boots was the first cowboy boot producer in Canada! These make for a great homegrown option, especially if you’re looking for the traditional look.

If you’re looking for a more modern option, L’Intervalle has great options, all of which are designed in Montreal.

8. Streaming Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving – do you have a friend using the free version of Spotify? Did your bestie get a new car and love SiriusXM for the free three months they had it? Treat them to a year of music.

Bonus: SiriusXM has Top Of the Country Radio which features 100% Canadian country music.

9. A Custom Curated Song

SongFinch gives users access to thousands of artists ready to create a custom song for whoever you’d like. You can request songs from Canadian country artists like Patrick James Clark and Warren Hargraves.

Songheart was founded by Canadian artist Scotty James. Through Songheart, you can purchase a beautiful song written from scratch by a talented team of songwriters and award winning artists.

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