The Best Canadian Country Christmas Music Playlist

best canadian country christmas music playlist

The holidays are here! It’s time cozy up by the fire with Canada’s hottest country stars … so bright they’ll rival the top of your tree!

Front Porch has put together a stellar playlist, “A Canadian Country Christmas,”  full of songs from Christmas’ past but we had to highlight some of the cool (or should I say frosty?) new releases coming to you this holiday season.

Time to turn it up for everyone’s favourite time of the year!

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This playlist is a great mix of your traditional favourites sung by Canada’s top artists, and even some new classics. Be sure to save this playlist … it’ll be perfect throughout the entire Holiday season.

The Best Canadian Country Christmas Playlist

1. Brandi Vezina – No More Tears This Christmas

Slide guitar and sleigh bells enhance Brandi Vezina’s latest single “No More Tears This Christmas” but it’s her relatable and humorous lyrics that make this song standout.

Brandi tells the story of Christmas fear turned Christmas cheer when her heart grows several sizes in love. Christmassy riffs and back up vocals give this song a warm glow akin to love-struck blush.

A must listen perhaps with a cup of eggnog?

2. Hailey Benedict – Freeze

Hailey Benedict sounds angelic in her new christmas treat “Freeze” about cherishing all the magical moments that arise from the holidays.

Hailey only wishes to freeze these precious moments with her loved ones in time forever. The track is emotionally moving and sure to pull the christmas spirit out in anyone with its delicate piano, jingle bells, and twinkling accents. 

3. Jade Eagleson – “Joy To The World”

Jade adds his signature rustic vocals to refresh the holiday classic “Joy To The World” into an addictively fun country classic. Jade’s vocals and band transport you to a wintery night lit up by a barn burner.

So Giddy up!

Rooted in strings and nostalgia, this song is perfect for twirling someone around the tree. It’s two-steppin’ time!

4. Meghan Patrick – “I’ll Be Home For Christmas”

“I’ll Be Home For Christmas” is such a powerful classic that really hits differently this year. “I’ll be home for Christmas, if only in my dreams”. It’s a sentiment that everyone around the world can relate to after the pandemic.

The meaning of this song hits differently nowadays, don’t you think?

5. High Valley – “Run Outta Mistletoe”

Bright and cheery, and grounded by twangy fiddle riffs, make “Run Outta Mistletoe” a must listen for this holiday season!

High Valley’s warm harmonies make this up-tempo song the perfect track to play on the road to home this Christmas or while you’re snuggling up to someone special on a snowy night.

6. Johnny Reid – “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day”

It’s Christmas time, and that can only mean one thing … It’s time for Johnny Reid to hit our ears with his amazing voice and Christmas music. His song “I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day” is a touching original song.

It has a great message and keeps in time with the festive spirit.

7. Dallas Smith – “Classic”

Dallas Smith has one of the most unique sounds in Canadian country music.

It’s such a treat that he has released a Christmas song! “Classic” is an original song that is really festive and incorporates elements from lots of classic Christmas songs.

When you’re listening to it, it almost sounds like a classic Christmas song (I guess that makes sense since it’s called “Classic”).

8. Chad Brownlee – “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”

A decade ago, Chad Brownlee released his version of the classic Christmas song “Christmas (Baby, Please Come Home)”. His voice sets the tone perfectly for this one.

There’s nothing better than a classic Christmas song, that feels new but still hits that nostalgic feeling.

9. Danielle Ryan – “My Christmas Song”

If you want a tune to be stuck in your head and to immediately get you in the spirit, this song is it!

The jingle bells will instantly put a smile on your face and you’ll be singing “oh-oh-oh-oh” along with Danielle. Grab your partner, sing this song to them and dance with them too because this is the cutest Christmas love song we’ve ever heard.

10. Blue Rodeo – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas”

Would it truly be a playlist of Canadian country Christmas music without Blue Rodeo? Their version of “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” has been a staple in our home since its inclusion on their Christmas album A Merrie Christmas To You.

I could listen to it on repeat … and I do.

11. Paul Brandt – “Home For The Holidays”

Not only is Paul Brandt the undisputed nicest guy in the industry, he’s also the source for some of the best Christmas music! His version of “Home For The Holidays” is so good! The piano solo halfway through just hits ya!

He also puts his own country spin on this classic.

12. Brett Kissel – “Frosty The Snowman”

I don’t know about you, but “Frosty The Snowman” always makes me smile.

It’s impossible not to sing along anytime you hear “thumpity, thump thump”! And Brett Kissel’s version is no different. It’s a great version of the Christmas classic, and the album artwork is just so darn adorable.

13. Hunter Brothers – “What I See” from Joy To The World

The Hunter Brothers are known for their flawless harmonies, which lend beautifully to Christmas music. Their entire album Joy To The World should be on your Christmas playlist! Covering the best Christmas classics, the Hunter Brothers are putting us in that holy jolly mood. They make every track on this album fun and one that you want to listen to over and over again.

One song that sticks out is their original song “What I See”. Be sure to add it to your playlist.

14. Jess Moskaluke – “Counting Down Christmas”

The incredibly talented Canadian country songstress Jess Moskaluke looks like an ice princess on the single cover for “Counting Down Christmas”!

Her heart warming, toe tapping, pop-country Christmas single is bitingly sincere.

Fuelled by acoustic and electric guitar, it’s a song about longing for someone special only a Christmas can relieve.

15. Madeline Merlo – “White Christmas”

Back in 2016, Madeline Merlo released a powerful and sultry version of “White Christmas”. This version is stripped down with just her powerful vocals and a piano.

It’s really special.

Be sure to add this one to your playlists!

16. Owen Barney – “Last Christmas”

One of 2020’s breakout Canadian country artists Owen Barney has released a reimagined version of George Michael’s Christmas song “Last Christmas”. This version has been updated with lyrics by Owen, Alyssa Reid, and Jamie Appleby.

It’s a great reimagined version of the song.

17. Andrew Hyatt – “All We Need”

Slowing it down with some acoustic guitar, Andrew reminds us of the true meaning of Christmas … being happy, bringing peace and giving love. He gives us a moment to remember the ones that we are no longer with but to also hold the ones that we love close to us during this season.

All we need is to be kind and spread joy to everyone around us.

18. Steven Lee Olsen – “Christmas Is Hittin’ Me Different”

Who doesn’t want to have a slow dance with their love?! I know I do and I will to this song!

This song is one that will be on repeat and put you in a lovey happy mood just by listening to it. Definitely Front Porch approved!

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19. Tenille Arts – “A Winter Wonderland”

Tenille Arts has had a banner year! She has released an original country song called “A Winter Wonderland”.

It’s a great original song for the Holidays that feels like a classic that plays on the “Walking In A Winter Wonderland” classic.

20. Nicole Rayy and Graham Scott Fleming – “Tailgate Christmas”

Nicole and Graham will always make you want to dance around in your cutest Christmas outfit with this track and it’ll always be one we go back to!

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We believe this is a Christmas anthem and their voices will make you feel warm just like that cup of cocoa would!

These aren’t the only songs you should have on your playlist, but we made one just for you! Here’s the Front Porch Spotify playlist to Canadian country Christmas! Happy Holidays from your Front Porch fam!

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Canadian Country Christmas Playlist On Spotify

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