Brett Kissel’s Year Long “Compass Project” A Love Song To Each Corner Of The Country

Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel has finished his ambitious one-year musical journey called the Compass Project.

It’s an interesting idea … The idea was to release 4 different albums. Essentially a love song to each corner of the country. Each one uniquely crafted with stories and experiences from Kissel’s decade of making music.

The Compass Project started in 2023 with the release of South Album, followed by East Album, West Album, and then wrapping the project up with North Album.

The Compass Project has been an ambitious endeavour for Kissel, and has also included a National tour called The Compass Tour.

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South Album

This South Album is a showcase of Kissel’s songwriting ability and the authentic country sound that his fans have come to love.

The eleven tracks on the album showcase Kissel’s ability to craft heartfelt and genuine country tunes, with a touch of modernity. Among all the songs includes “Ain’t The Same,” featuring 98 Degrees, is a perfect representation of Kissel’s unique blend of traditional country and contemporary pop.

The album’s standout tracks include “Watch It,” a sentimental radio hit that showcases Kissel’s emotional depth, and “Our Home,” which celebrates his Alberta roots. The album is rounded out with a cover of “Cadillac Ranch” by Bruce Springsteen and Nitty Gritty Dirt Band, which Kissel puts his own spin on, making it a modern country hit.

Overall, South Album is a fantastic start to Brett Kissel’s Compass Project and sets the bar high for the upcoming East, West, and North albums.

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East Album

Brett Kissel’s new album “East” is finally here, marking the second release in his four-part album experience, The Compass Project. The ten-track collection of stripped-down, heartfelt, and acoustic songs is inspired by Kissel’s love of Canada’s east coast and his desire to take a slower approach to life.

The lead track “Spend A Little Time With You” sets the tone for the album with its thoughtful songwriting and acoustic arrangements. The song highlights Kissel’s signature vocals, which are backed by beautiful acoustic instrumentation.

In addition to his original compositions, the album also features a very special duet between Kissel and his wife Cecilia on “Sanctuary.” The track is a beautiful and intimate moment that showcases their undeniable chemistry and heartfelt emotions.

Kissel also covers Hollow Coves’ “Coastline” on the album, adding his own sentimental touch to the track. The acoustic instrumentation is stripped down, allowing the lyrics to take center stage and create a truly emotional experience for listeners.

Other standout tracks on the album include “Port Colborne,” a nostalgic and sentimental ode to Kissel’s hometown, and “Meet Me In Vegas,” a fun and upbeat track that showcases Kissel’s versatility as a performer.

The success of The Compass Project continues to shine as South Album’s lead single “Never Have I Ever” cracks Top 40 at country radio and Kissel kicks off the summer touring season. With the release of East, Kissel once again demonstrates his ability to create emotionally charged and relatable music that connects with fans on a deep level.

East Album drops just days after Kissel was honoured with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal at the National Music Centre in Calgary, AB. The medal is awarded for outstanding contributions to the province of Alberta, and Kissel was deeply honoured to receive the recognition.

With East, Brett Kissel continues to show why he is one of Canada’s most beloved country artists. His ability to create emotionally charged and relatable music is unparalleled, and fans can’t wait to see what the next two instalments of The Compass Project have in store.

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West Album

Brett Kissel has launched the third installment of his musical odyssey, The Compass Project, with the release of the captivating West Album. This 11-track collection, now available for streaming, encapsulates Kissel’s profound musical roots and thematic passions rooted in the rich tradition of country and western music.

As a proud fifth-generation Alberta rancher, Kissel holds a profound reverence for traditional country music and the timeless essence of the western lifestyle. Discussing his dedication to an entire album centered around these themes, Kissel expressed, “These tales and topics have been the lifeblood of the genre since the beginning – love, loss, the land, kinship, hardship, and ultimately perseverance. In sound and theme, I’ve strived to follow the horse-trails blazed by the all-time greats – and in a way, it’s my tribute to them.”

Ahead of the album’s release, Kissel provided fans with a glimpse into “West Album” by unveiling two tracks: “Missin’ You In San Antone” and “Deer Blind.” These songs offered a preview of the album’s diverse spectrum, ranging from upbeat, swing-style country tunes to soul-stirring, heartfelt compositions that underscore Kissel’s immense talent as both a singer and songwriter.

The tracklist for “West Album” boasts a blend of Kissel’s original compositions alongside tributes to legendary classics. Notable tracks include “Oil & Cattle,” featuring Brad Johner, George Canyon, and Don Amero, and a rendition of Jimmy Webb’s timeless classic “Wichita Lineman.”

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North Album

Brett Kissel completes a year-long endeavor with the release of the fourth and final instalment of The Compass Project – North Album – an homage to his love of entertaining. This collection brings together a decade’s worth of Kissel’s greatest hits, performed live in Summerside, PEI, capturing the essence and energy of his dynamic performances.

“North Album is my ‘Greatest Hits’ package, and I honestly can’t believe I’ve had the type of career that would even allow for a ‘Greatest Hits’ album to be a possibility,” Kissel shares with heartfelt gratitude. “The best part about this album? It’s a LIVE album — recorded in Canada, aka: my homeland in the North.”

The album encapsulates the musical journey that shaped Kissel into the artist he is today. It features his label debut “Started With A Song,” which kickstarted his career a decade ago. Moreover, the record showcases fan-favorite hits that have garnered millions of streams and conquered the radio charts, including tracks like “Make A Life, Not A Living,” “Drink About Me,” “Airwaves,” and “Anthem,” among others.

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Reflecting on his remarkable 10-year journey, Kissel expresses, “I’ve had the most amazing 10-year run. It has been the best decade ever. And the best way to celebrate all we’ve been able to do and accomplish was to put out a Greatest Hits album, which is the final installment of the Compass Project — my North Album!”

The “North Album” not only celebrates Kissel’s journey but also provides a unique experience for fans by presenting his greatest hits in a live setting, capturing the essence of his electrifying performances.

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About Brett Kissel

Brett Kissel is no stranger to the Canadian country music scene and has made a name for himself as one of the country’s most celebrated artists.

With a decade of experience, Kissel has become a beloved entertainer and has toured with legends such as Garth Brooks and Brad Paisley. He is also known for his outside-the-box collaborations, which have resulted in some iconic duets with Grammy winners and legendary musicians.


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