Brett Kissel’s New Song “Anthem” Music Review

Brett Kissel "Anthem" Music Video

Brett Kissel has a new song and it’s so exciting to be able to talk about it! The song is called “Anthem” and is his second single from his third studio album We Were That Song with Warner Music Canada.

This single is such a departure for Brett. It has a very dance and pop feel to it and could easily be a cross-over single for him. “Anthem” is a really upbeat track and has a totally different tempo than what we usually hear from him. The beat will definitely be a hit at country bars across the country – you can’t help but get up and dance when this song comes on.

The song starts with some guitar licks, then a a drum comes in, followed by some synthesizers. Are we totally crazy, or does the opening (and actually much of the song) sounds a lot like Avicii’s “Wake Me Up”? Listen for yourself:


We’re really digging the whole vibe of this song. Not only is the melody different, it also features vocals we don’t often hear from Brett. He’s normally more of a traditional country artist with a consistent sound – AKA his songs often sound very similar (not a bad thing! It’s a great sound), so it’s really refreshing to hear this kind of range coming from this great artist.

Actually, does anyone else kind of get a Lady Antebellum vibe to this song? I think hearing them do a cover of this song would actually be wicked… How do we make this happen?!

While there are so many new things from Brett Kissel in this song, there’s one part of the song that has his signature all over. It’s the theme of the song. Take the chorus for example:

And we can dance like no one else is watching
Take my hand and put it on your heart
Sing out loud cause no one gets me rocking like you
You’re my anthem

The lyrics themselves have a pretty familiar feel. You can almost tell it’s a Brett Kissel song just from reading through the lyrics. This is actually a good thing. I think if the song was about anything other than him professing his love for a woman, it would just be too far of a stretch for him.

Brett Kissel’s “Anthem” has us totally excited. His core fanbase may not love it, but it will for sure open up a brand new demographic for him and attract some new fans which will help propel his career. It’s almost guaranteed this song is going to make its way up to the top of the Canadian Country Music Charts.

The music video for “Anthem” is also really fantastic. Another departure from Brett Kissel’s norm, but it totally paid off. Check out this really fun music video:


What do you think of this new song? Are you loving it as much as we are, or are you kind of “meh” about the whole thing?

Get your copy of the song on iTunes, or stream it on Spotify.



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