Top 5 Episodes From Season 2 Of On The Porch with Front Porch Music

On The Porch Podcast best of season 2

2023 marked the second season of our podcast, “On The Porch with Front Porch Music”. 

This season we were able to connect with 20 new guests from across the Canadian country music industry. We also covered Boots and Hearts Music Festival and the Canadian Country Music Awards.

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Thanks to all of our listeners, whether you’ve been here since the beginning, or you found us recently. We’re so happy to have you here.

Top 5 Episodes Of On The Porch with Front Porch Music Season 2

It has been a huge year for our podcast.

We are consistently on the Apple Podcast charts week over week and it has been absolutely overwhelming. In a short two years we have become one of the top music podcasts in all of Canada … which is NUTS!

So from all of us here, THANK YOU!

Thank you for listening, and thank you for sharing our show with your friends. It means a lot.

Here are the top five episodes of season two of “On The Porch with Front Porch Music.”

5. The Thing About Moving To Nashville, with Alee

Alee taught us an unexpected lesson in persistence when we chatted with her.

What was that lesson exactly?

Well … showing up to the houses of the local radio folks with your new song is only inappropriate if you’re impolite. There is a difference between persistence and harassment. 

Alee moved to Nashville almost five years ago and still lives in her first studio apartment there, towering over midtown. 

With early radio success and lessons learned from her first record deal, Alee is fiercely independent and released five singles in 2023, including the smash featuring Troy Cartwright, “Ain’t For The Beer”.

4. Your Small Town Isn’t THAT Small with Jason Benoit

Jason Benoit hails from very small-town Newfoundland. Jason talked to us about a number of things!

From the early days and some of his chart-toppers, “Gone Long Gone”, “Cold Day Coming”, and “Crazy Kinda Love”, to the maturing of his sound and style. 

Jason released a new album this year, melding the concept of country music with sci-fi to create a unique, traditional sound.

3. CTRL + ALT + DLT with Graham Scott Fleming

We had fun with Graham Scott Fleming when we sat down to chat about music and theater. He also had some fun with our virtual “swear jar”.

Graha, joined us after a particularly huge year in his career, so we had a great chat catching up with him and getting an update on his life. He joined us from sunny California while Logan and Jenna were stuck in a snowstorm.

Graham walked us down memory lane a little bit with his time on Broadway – oh yeah, and working for Cyndi Lauper. 

2. Grey Cup, Swear Jars, and Updating Google Chrome, with Josh Ross

Josh Ross had a breakout 2023, kicking off the year with his biggest single “Trouble” and a tour with Lee Brice, followed by a North American Tour with Nickelback, along with a number of festival dates.

We talked with Josh about his time in university playing football, motocross, and his pursuit of a career in music.

We had some technical difficulties before we started recording, and Josh now knows he needs to update Google Chrome regularly.

1. Farm Field, Farm Field, Giraffe … with Dayna Reid

Country newcomer Dayna Reid was our top episode of the season! 

Sitting down with Dayna for the first time, we had a lot of ground to cover… including her hometown Elmvale having a zoo mixed in among the various farms.

Dayna’s first single “She’s Me” earned her her first Top 40 single. Learning to navigate the music industry, she had lots to share about her early career, her first time in Alberta, and her dream of becoming a musician coming to life.

Season 3 Is Coming In The New Year!

We’re excited to bring listeners another season of On The Porch with Front Porch Music in 2024.

Make sure to catch up on all of our episodes of “On The Porch with Front Porch Music”!

In country music, the Front Porch has long been a place of reflection. A place where you can look at the life you have inside that front door. A place where time almost seems to stand still, where you can get away. It’s also a place where you can go to observe the world as it passes by you. To think about your place out there beyond the driveway.

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