Tim Hicks Ignites Summer With Campfire Troubadour Volume II

Tim Hicks releases "Throw Down - Remastered Deluxe" Edition

As the temperatures rise and summer approaches, Canadian country music artist Tim Hicks sets the stage for a scorching season with the release of Campfire Troubadour Volume II

Packed with infectious energy and unforgettable melodies, this collection of seven tracks is poised to become the soundtrack of countless campfire gatherings and backyard parties.

Who’s bringing the s’mores?

Levelling Up With Volume II

Collaborating with producer Jeff Coplan, Tim embarked on a mission to differentiate Campfire Troubadour Volume II from Volume I while preserving its spirit. 

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Hicks reveals that they adhered to their “Campfire Troubadour” rules, which dictated the use of only instruments suitable for a cozy campfire setting, aiming to capture the raw and authentic essence of their music.

In a bid to expand the party atmosphere, the EP also features the talents of Jeff Taylor on accordion, Jenée Fleenor on fiddle, and Tony James on a variety of hand drums.

Tim Joined Us On The Porch and we Chatted About The Campfires That Inspired This Music

A Tracklist for the Perfect Summer

Each of the seven tracks showcases Hicks’ ability to capture the essence of summer, leaving fans eager to crack open a cold one and sing along.

From the island vibes of “Puerto Backyarda” to the nostalgic Canadiana feel of “All That You Leave Behind” and “Two of Us,” the EP offers a diverse range of anthems that resonate with audiences. Crowd favourites like “I’m Not As Think As You Drunk I Am” and “Carry You Home” are bound to ignite joyous sing-alongs that will echo through the summer nights.

As the temperatures rise and the days grow longer, Hicks’ latest offering is poised to become the soundtrack of the season, providing a musical backdrop for countless memories and sing-alongs.

The Campfire Troubadour Tour Hits The Road

To celebrate the release of Campfire Troubadour Volume II, Tim Hicks has announced the first leg of the upcoming Campfire Troubadour Tour. 

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As the summer festival season kicks into high gear, Hicks will take the stage at renowned events such as Dauphin Countryfest, Trois-Riveres Exposition, Country On The Bay, and will headline the opening night of Boots & Hearts. 

Make sure to follow Tim Hicks on various platforms to stay updated with his latest releases and tour dates, and get ready to embrace the sizzling energy of Campfire Troubadour Volume II.

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