Dean James Releases Clever New Single “Take My Time On You”

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In the realm of country music, there are always hidden gems waiting to be discovered.

One such rising talent is Dean James, a long-time musician who recently collaborated with Jesse Slack and Daryl Scott for his new single “Take My Time On You.” 

You won’t want to miss this one!

Unveiling The Cheeky Side Of “Take My Time On You”

One might assume that “Take My Time On You” is a classic love song or an ode to a memorable relationship. However, Dean James intriguingly reveals that the true subject matter is quite different—and you have to listen to the end for the reveal.

Dean shares, “Everyone thinks it’s about a girl, it’s kind of funny.” He adds, “If you think you know what the song is about, you probably don’t.”

Once the concept was established, they took the song to the studio, where they crafted something fresh and funny. Dean reflects on the production process with enthusiasm, remarking, “We did some really cool work with it production-wise, and I love it.” 

The team’s collective effort transformed “Take My Time On You” into a lively and unforgettable musical experience. If you’re not laughing at the “aha” moment at the end … well … you should be.

Stream “Take My Time On You”

Launching Blackboot Records

Dean James has embarked on an exciting venture alongside Mat Black. It all began when Mat approached Dean after witnessing one of his backyard performances. 

Together, they are working on a project that aims to establish a label designed to support young artists in their journey to kickstart their careers. Recognizing the many challenges aspiring musicians face, Dean’s new endeavour seeks to provide the necessary resources and guidance to navigate the music industry successfully.

More On The Horizon For Dean James

Dean James has an exciting lineup of shows scheduled for the coming year, giving fans the opportunity to witness his infectious stage presence firsthand.

Beyond his live performances, Dean has several surprises in store.

He promises the release of three or four new songs in the near future and hints at an EP, potentially set to drop in the Fall. The anticipation surrounding these upcoming releases is palpable, as Dean’s songwriting prowess continues to impress.

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