Teigen Gayse’s new single “Sleeping With Her” is a Serenade for Sleepless Nights

Teigen Gayse - country singer

Teigen Gayse has had an incredible year. The BC born, producer, singer, and songwriter continues to raise her own star with the release of “Sleeping With Her.” 

Teigen describes her songwriting as “honest, catchy, and relatable” and this latest single is no exception.

Sleeping With Who? Her?

In “Sleeping With Her,” Teigen once again solidifies her strength as a storyteller in music.

Hot off the trails of “If You Show Me Yours” – a Top 30 country radio hit co-written with Chad Kroeger – this new release carries some of the same themes that are starting to emerge as Teigen’s distinct sound.

The lyrics may be intimate, even crestfallen, and yet Teigen’s ability to craft moving melodies will leave you swaying with the beat. 

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Teigen’s new single paints a lyrical portrait depicting the lunar cycles of heartbreak through the loneliness and jealousy that so often accompany it.

With a soft rock under current, this groovy country-pop jam is the perfect pairing for a late night drive on a sleepless night with someone on your mind, or if you feel like staying in, with a bottle of red. 

Teigen’s soft yet strong vocals take center stage in her new single – most notably in a sultry chorus riff that lifts the whole song. Seeped in an addictive hook, acoustic, electric, and slide guitar drive the instrumental melodies that reel you in to “Sleeping With Her.”

Watch The Music Video For “Sleeping With Her”

Shot against the picturesque backdrop of Nashville on a sun-drenched summer day, the video narrates the tale of heartbreak as Gayse grapples with the torment of her former love now entwined with someone new.

This video tells the story of a person loosing sleep because the one she’s still in love with is now sleeping with someone else. We filmed the video in Nashville, and each location really tells a little piece of the story,” Gayse shares. “I especially love the bed scenes in the field – it was fun to shoot because I really got to express my heartache in those scenes. The back and forth splits between myself and the new girlfriend became such a powerful piece of the video, and really brought the story home. I hope you enjoy this journey with me!”

Stream “Sleeping With Her”

Teigen Gayse: Rising to Fame

What an amazing year Métis rising star, Teigen Gayse, has had.

After just being named Amazon Music Canada’s Breakthrough Artist of the Month, Teigen performed this week at the CCMA’s in Hamilton as a finalist in SiriusXM’s Top Of The Country competition.  She has received similar accolades like the iHeart Radio’s ”Future Star” and Rogers “One To Watch”

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Of performing Teigen said, “There is no better feeling than getting to perform something I wrote in front of my fans – it’s the connection with them that pushes me to work hard.”

Teigen Gayse Joined Us “On the Porch”

You can catch Gayse on tour with Tim Hicks late this October for the BC leg of his Campfire Troubadour tour. 

Keep up with Teigen on Social Media

Instagram – https://www.instagram.com/teigsxo/ 
Tiktok – https://www.tiktok.com/@teigengayse 
Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/teiggayse/

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