Melissa Livingstone Balances Expectations and Authenticity in her New Release “More Time” 

Melissa Livingstone

Melissa Livingstone is a frequent face on Front Porch feeds. Known for blending all the best elements of country music into her own unique sound, Melissa has been developing her craft in Nashville over the past few years.

Following the success of singles like “Country Enough” and “Grew Up On It” her latest release, “More Time,” is an acoustic pivot that demonstrates how she’s been honing her craft. 

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A ballad that bridges honesty and self reflection, “More Time” is a testament to growth and remaining true to yourself in the process.This new single from Melissa hit us right in the feels so we were so excited she was able to come and talk to us about it. 

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Interview with Melissa Livingstone 

Front Porch: Melissa, thank you so much for joining me on the Front Porch today to talk about your latest single “More Time.” For those who haven’t heard the track yet (and you must!) it’s an acoustic driven ballad about the pressure to fit a perfect narrative. What made you decide to pivot directions and release a ballad?

Melissa Livingstone: I had been playing this song out at a lot of writer’s rounds here in Nashville, and the song always held so much power. Everytime I played the song, people would listen intently. I think the reason people like it so much is because it’s so relatable, which is what I want my music to be. Authentic, real life stories that people can connect with. I chose to record this song to show a whole other side of me I maybe wasn’t ready to show before. 

FP: I can totally see why this song resonates with so many people. The lyrics in this song contain a lot of vivid imagery surrounding weddings. Was there a specific wedding that inspired “More Time?”

ML: Surprisingly there was not a specific wedding. I’ve just been to a lot of close friends and cousins’ weddings the last few years so I was really just feeling the pressure from that. 

FP: You and me both! So Melissa, when it comes to creative collaboration, how do you approach co-writing? What was it like working with Lydia Sutherland and Ben Chase on this track? 

ML: I try to always go into a co-write with either a title or a concept already in the back of my mind so we have something to start with. When Ben, Lydia and I wrote this song, it was during covid so we were all in our own homes, on our laptops in 3 different Provinces of Canada writing about my feelings of not living up to people’s expectations. I absolutely loved writing this with them and the song wouldn’t be what it is without all three of us cooking it up together. 

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FP: In “More Time” you sing about affirming your choice to pursue music over more conventional/traditional life paths. Is this song more of an explanation for others or testament to yourself? 

ML: Oh, this is a tough one. I think maybe it’s both? I love where I am right now in life. I love my career, I love my friends, I love the fact I live in the Country Music Capital of the World and get to be creative everyday. But sometimes I wish I could live a more simple life and maybe settle down and get married. And I know I will someday, but this song helps remind me, and hopefully explains to others, it’s okay to be different and have a different timeline than everyone else.  

FP: You’re so right. Were there any artists or songs you drew on for inspiration in “More Time?”

ML: I’m sure you can probably already hear it, but I drew inspiration from “The House That Built Me” by Miranda Lambert. I’ve always been a huge fan of Miranda and I think this song has the same kind of emotion behind it.

FP: Yes! I was hoping you’d say that. I love that song! So Melissa, I always need more time for sleep. What’s something you always need more time for?

ML: hahahaha I relate to the more sleep. Honestly, right now, I need more time to relax. I work a lot, as I should in this industry, but I don’t really know how to shut my brain off.  Because I, myself, am the business so it’s hard to take days off. I’m working on it though haha. 

FP: Balance is something we could all use more of. Speaking of balance, how does your hometown of Ucluelet in British Columbia impact your work as a country artist? 

ML: I think the mindset coming from a small town is you help each other out. Whether it’s your neighbour, or a stranger, you see someone in need, you help them. I try to bring that attitude into my music career. Never be too high on yourself that you can’t see people around you who might need a helping hand. 

FP: Absolutely, a little hospitality goes a long way in a small town. Melissa, what comes to mind when you think of your favourite song you’ve written? Why?

ML: One of my favourite songs that I’ve written was when I was living in a basement suite in Canada and I was home alone with my guitar. It was right before I moved to Nashville and I had so many expectations, hopes and worries. I wrote about it. It’s very honest and real and raw.  I had the hardest time finishing the song by myself so I brought my good friend Taylor-Rae on the song to help finish it and I absolutely love it. 

FP: If you could open for one Canadian country artist who would it be? 

ML: Paul Brandt. I’ve always been such a big fan of him and have been listening to his music since I was a teenager.  

FP: Who doesn’t love Paul Brandt?! Okay Melissa, I hate to say it but, last question: What does 2024 have in store for your fans?

ML: Lots more music 🙂 Currently working on picking the next single and seeing which best fits as a follow up to “More Time.” More social media content will also be a big thing for me so y’all should follow me on my socials haha.  

FP: Thank you so much for joining us, Melissa, and for sharing the inside scoop on your new single “More Time.” We can’t wait to hear the music you release this year. 

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