On “Old Dirt Roads” Owen Riegling Gets Down to Earth 

Following the hot release of this summer’s “Love (The Sweater Song)” and a record deal with Universal Music, Owen Riegling’s newest single is “Old Dirt Roads”. His new track, rich with authentic twang, is an anthem dedicated to his hometown of Mildmay, Ontario. 

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Just like Owen, “Old Dirt Roads” is as down to earth as it gets.

As a singer songwriter, Owen’s work always poses an element of honest simplicity – truth spoken from the heart. In “Old Dirt Roads” he paints fans a humble picture of his favourite place, home. 

Watch Owen’s Lyric Video for “Old Dirt Roads” 

“I wrote this song at a time when I was living in the city for school. I was real sick of all the cars and traffic and started reminiscing on home, land, how I grew up. Thinking about my friends and how we used to drive around backroads cause there was nothing else to do. My family has a 100-acre farm, the view from the back window of the wheat field — and just how peaceful that really is.  Sometimes it’s easy to take for granted the simple things like that. But being away from it for a while sure made me want it back,” shares Riegling. “‘Old Dirt Roads’ paints the picture of where I grew up and where I currently still live, a place that is a part of me, a place that I plan to settle down and raise kids so they can have the luxury of growing up in a wide open spaces like I did. The ‘land of the wicked’ if you will.”

This emotive new song is fueled by strummed acoustic guitar, plucked banjo, and an irresistible chorus hook.

Recorded in Nashville with music producer Brad Hill (Brothers Osborne, Maren Morris, Brett Young), “Old Dirt Roads” sounds as nostalgic as the story it tells. Owen, though only 24, has the musical wisdom of someone well beyond his years. With heartfelt vocals, he continues to deliver genuine authenticity and effortlessly lovable songs. 

Despite a year of rapid success following his win at the Boots and Hearts Emerging artist showcase in 2022, Owen’s roots remain planted at home where his music can reflect what he values most. 

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Getting to Know Owen Riegling

A born and raised small-gown guy, Owen grew up on his family’s farm in Mildmay listening to his grandpa play the radio for their cows. He wrote his first song at just 10 years old and hasn’t been able to stop since. 

As an artist, Owen’s charm seeps into weaving stories about love, whether it be for a person or a place, molding moving melodies into music that continues to captivate a larger audience. 

Front Porch has been a fan of Owen Riegling since his first release. He’s a rising star who shines brighter every year. We have no doubt Owen will go on to do big things. 

Fun Fact: Did you know that Owen wrote and performed the theme song for our podcast On The Porch with Front Porch Music? How cool!?

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