Dean Brody’s “Right Round Here”: The Single, An Album, and the Man Behind the Music

Dean Brody's single and album "Right Round Here"

When it comes to celebrating Canadian culture through music, Dean Brody is a name that stands out.

With his eighth full-length studio album, Right Round Here, Brody once again takes center stage in the Canadian country music scene.

Let’s dive into the heart of his latest single and explore the album as a whole.

“Right Round Here”: An Homage to Canada

Dean Brody’s latest single “Right Round Here,” is not just another country song; it’s an anthem that pays tribute to the vast, beautiful land we call Canada.

Penned by his friends and label-mates Jenna and Stuart Walker of The Reklaws, along with Callum Maudsley, the song captures the essence of growing up ‘RIGHT’ around here, in the Great White North.

Brody’s personal connection to the lyrics shines through as he reflects on his small-town roots and the values instilled in him by his tight-knit community.

“I recognize how lucky I was to be raised with these values and know I wouldn’t be where I am today without them,” says Brody. This heartfelt track is a testament to his pride in being a Canadian and serves as an ode to his journey through life and love.

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Right Round Here Album: A Musical Journey

“Right Round Here” isn’t just a single; it’s the title track of Dean Brody’s nine-track album.

The album is a delightful mix of songs that paint a vivid picture of Canadian life and culture. With tracks like “Where’d You Learn How To Do That,” “Paint The Town Redneck,” and “Broke,” Brody takes listeners on a musical journey through the heart of Canada.

The album showcases Brody’s versatility as an artist, with each song telling a unique story and highlighting his songwriting skills.

From the upbeat rhythms to the soulful ballads, Right Round Here is a reflection of Dean Brody’s love for his homeland and his ability to connect with his audience through the power of music.

Tracklist For Right Round Here

  1. “Intro (Northern Anthem)” (Dean Brody)
  2. “Right Round Here” (Callum Maudsley, Jenna Walker, Stuart Walker)
  3. “Where’d You Learn How To Do That” (Thomas “Tawgs” Salter, Blake Redferrin, Stuart Walker, Jenna Walker)
  4. “Lost Cause” (Justin Wilson, Rodney Clawson, Mark Holman, James Barker)
  5. “Then There’s You” (Travis Wood, Gavin Slate, Jenna Walker, Stuart Walker)
  6. “Trouble” (Dean Brody)
  7. “Broke” (Michael Hardy, James Barker)
  8. “You Got the Wrong Guy” (Jesse Lee Levin, Jason Massey, Travis Wood)
  9. “Paint The Town Redneck” (Lily Rose, Mark Trussel, Griffen Palmer, Jordan Minton)

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Getting to Know Dean Brody

Dean Brody’s musical journey began back in 2008 when his debut single, “Brothers,” hit the US Top-40 charts. Since then, he has become one of the most beloved Canadian country artists of his generation. With 34 Top-10 singles, including 8 #1 hits, 18 CCMA Awards, 2 JUNOs, and more than 425 million global streams, Brody has consistently risen to the top of the Canadian country music landscape.

What sets Brody apart is his passion for storytelling and his unmatched lyricism. He doesn’t just sing songs; he weaves tales that resonate with his audience. His ability to connect on a personal level has earned him a dedicated fan base and accolades galore.

Beyond the music, Dean Brody is a philanthropist at heart. He dedicates a significant portion of his life to philanthropic efforts through his charity, The Dean Brody Foundation. His commitment to making a positive impact in the world mirrors the sincerity of his music.

What Lies Ahead

As Dean Brody gears up for the “Right Round Here Tour,” where he’ll bring his music to small-town theatres across Canada, his journey as a celebrated Canadian artist continues. He heads into the 2023 CCMA Awards with four impressive nominations, including Entertainer of the Year.

His performance on the show and being the recipient of the 2023 Gary Slaight Music Humanitarian Award for his work with The Dean Brody Foundation further solidify his status as a Canadian music icon.

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