Jason Benoit: Going Deep on His New EP “The Deadwood”, East Coast Roots, and Radio Show Passion

Jason Benoit interview about his new ep The Deadwood

Canadian country artist Jason Benoit is on a roll!

Fresh off his ECMA win for Country Recording of the Year (“Time Traveller”) and nomination for Indigenous Artist of the Year, he released his new EP, The Deadwood.

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We had the pleasure of chatting with Benoit about the musical inspirations behind the EP, his deep connection to his East Coast heritage, and his thriving radio show, “That’s Country.”

A Return to Organic Country with The Deadwood

The Deadwood marks a distinct shift in Benoit’s sound.

“It’s more of a folk/Country driven sound,” Benoit explains, emphasizing his return to a more traditional country aesthetic. “I would say it feels a little more ‘organic’ country than ‘pop’ country,” he adds, referencing the use of instruments like banjo, fiddle, and mandolin. This approach is very much in line with the new folk movement that’s been gaining traction within country music.

Instead of leaving behind older creations, Benoit breathed new life into two tracks he’d written when he was younger. “Chicago” and “25 to Life” were given a fresh folk-country makeover. “I re-purposed them to make them more Folk/Country sounding,” he says. “There were songs I wrote when I was younger that I loved but thought wouldn’t quite fit,” Benoit explains.

This reimagining process allowed him to revisit these songs and share them with the world. “I’m so stoked for this album as I love every song for a different reason,” he beams.

The EP explores a range of influences, showcasing Benoit’s musical versatility.

“Lonely in Love” draws inspiration from the likes of Dierks Bentley, while “Whiskey From a Stone” evokes the classic Canadiana sound reminiscent of Blue Rodeo, a band Benoit grew up listening to. The lead single, “1000 Mile Grin,” tells a relatable story close to Benoit’s heart.

“It’s an upbeat song about driving back to the one you love after being away chasing your dreams,” he explains. “Sometimes, that can become all you focus on hurting your relationships in the process,” he reflects. The song captures the realization of what truly matters and the joy of reconnecting with loved ones.

A Love Letter to East Coast Music

Growing up on the East Coast with its vibrant musical heritage undeniably left its mark on Benoit’s artistry.

“The East Coast has always made a huge contribution to the entertainment world,” he says with pride. He namechecks East Coast Hall of Famer Eddie Eastman and mentions the influence of modern acts like Mallory Johnson as testaments to the region’s rich musical landscape.

The Deadwood itself is a love letter to those roots.

“It’s very much a love letter to my East Coast Roots,” Benoit confirms. He goes on to describe the production process: “produced using my Newfoundland band with drums and mixing and mastering by Danny Bourgeois from New Brunswick.” This collaborative effort ensures the album reflects the deep connection Benoit has with his musical background and the landscape of Canada’s East Coast.

Sharing his Passion on the Radio

Jason’s dedication to country music extends far beyond his own recordings.

He currently hosts the weekly radio show “That’s Country” on 100.1 BayFM. “I’m having a blast recording my own weekly one hour radio show,” he enthuses.

The show features a mix of established and up-and-coming artists, with Benoit conducting interviews that provide listeners with valuable insights. “I get to play the songs by artists who inspired me growing up plus the new songs that are having an impact on me today,” Benoit says.

The show has already featured a diverse range of artists, from veterans like Patricia Conroy and George Fox to rising stars like Jade Eagleson and Aaron Goodvin.

Benoit’s passion for the genre is evident in his mission for the show: “I truly hope to be able to provide awesome music that most people wouldn’t hear every day on top 40 radio,” he says, highlighting his desire to expose listeners to a wider variety of country music.

What’s on the Horizon for Jason Benoit?

With the release of The Deadwood and a thriving radio show, Benoit has a busy year ahead.

He’ll be promoting the EP while headlining and providing support at various festivals in the coming months. Be sure to visit his website for the latest updates and tour information.

It’s clear that Jason Benoit is a passionate artist with a deep appreciation for his roots and a genuine desire to share his love for country music with the world. We are excited for this new sound and can’t wait to see what’s next for Jason.

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