An Interview With Angelica Appelman About Her New Single “Ringtone” 

Angelica Appelman

Angelica Appelman’s latest single, “Ringtone”, is a fun listen about a girl realizing her worth and deciding to no longer answer her ex’s phone calls. 

It exudes rhythm and vibrance, trotting along at a lively pace that makes it upbeat and exciting. 

So, who is the girl behind the song? 

We sat down with Angelica to discuss her new release and learn a bit more about her! 

Growing Up

Angelica grew up in a musical household nestled in Kitchener, Ontario, where music was an integral part of her daily life. 

“My entire family loves music. My oldest Sister sings, my Mom plays guitar, my other Sister plays guitar, my Dad likes to write,” Angelica said.

Inevitably, Angelica picked up on this love for music too. 

“I’ve been singing probably since I could talk,” said Angelica, “I started singing in musicals and choir when I was in grade 2.”

Angelica’s professional music journey began with studies in performing arts and vocal lessons. 

Encouraged by her vocal coach, she decided to pursue music as a career.

Her Journey As A Writer 

Angelica began writing music at the age of 13 as a means of expressing her emotions.

She refers to this period of her life as “Taylor Swifting her way through high school.”

“I’ve written a lot of songs, and writing became a habit of mine,” said Angelica, “It became a habit to write a verse or a chorus that had to do with my day before bed. So, I have piles and piles of diaries full of unwritten songs.”

About Her New Single, “Ringtone”

“Ringtone” was co-written with Nashville-based singer/songwriter Melissa Livingstone, New York-based singer/songwriter David Madras, and Ontario-based singer/songwriter Nicole Rayy.

“During one of my co-writes, my ex was calling me. This was someone who I had an on again, off again relationship with, and it was a habit of mine to let him back into my life,” Angelica said, “when he called the second time, instead, the girls and I started dancing to the ringtone in a celebration of me actually moving on.”

Newfound self-confidence gleams through this track. It is based on Angelica’s personal experience and she poured a lot into it. 

From the crafting of witty lyrics to taking a large hand in the production process, this song does feel like a reflection of Angelica and the experience she went through. 

“This time it was really important to me to have my stamp on every part of the process,” Angelica said, “I’ve been working really hard on myself and loving myself outside of a relationship and really wanted to work that into this song because I think it’s so important to tell my listeners that it’s okay to be on your own!”

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Fun Questions

Front Porch: What’s the biggest red flag someone can have?

Angelica: Cheaters. Once a cheater, always a cheater.

Front Porch: What song(s) describe your life lately?

Angelica: The first song that came to mind was “I Wanna Dance with Somebody (Who Loves Me)” by Whitney Houston, but more seriously probably “Til You Can’t” by Cody Johnson. 

Front Porch: What’s more nerve racking- singing your own songs or singing the national anthem?

Angelica: The national anthem is way more nerve racking, especially when it’s being televised! 

Up Next for Angelica Appelman

You can see Angelica Appelman perform on various stages this summer including Cavendish Beach Music Festival, Kitchen Stage and on the Kemptville Live Music Festival Stage the night of Dean Brody, as well as many more!

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Breaking the habit of going back to an ex isn’t the only habit Angelica is helping us break this year…

Later this year Angelica will be releasing an EP titled “Breaking The Habit” that is going to help us all remember our worth, never accept less than we deserve and get over some other habits that we really need to.

Be sure to follow her on social media to catch the EP teasers and stay updated with her fun content!

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