An Interview with River Town Saints: Their Latest Single “Lying in Bed”, Tour and Exciting Things Ahead! 

River Town Saints

River Town Saints are celebrating the release of their latest single “Lying in Bed”!

The song has landed on Amazon Music’s Just North of Nashville and Breakthrough Country playlist’s, as well as Spotify Canada’s New Music Friday (Country), Country Frontier and North Country playlists (to name a few)!

We sat down with Jeremy Bortot of River Town Saints to discuss the band’s new music, how they’ve been doing lately, tour and exciting things ahead.

River Town Saints Gearing up for Summer 2024

When asked to name a song that describes the band’s lives lately, Jeremy didn’t hesitate to choose “Summer Nights” by Rascal Flatts.  

“I think – and this happens every year – as winter ends and it starts to get a little nicer out, everyone in the band is pretty anxious to just get playing again and start enjoying all the great stuff about Canadian summer,” Jeremey said. 

Behind Their Song “Lying in Bed”

“Lying in Bed” was love at first listen for the band.

“Once we did a demo of it and heard it with the harmonies, we all got goosebumps,” said Jeremy.

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“You’d never guess it, but we all love ballads, and some of our favourite songs as a band are ones that go pretty deep,” Jeremey said. “We’d written and demo’d a lot of heartfelt slower stuff over the years but just never felt like we had the right one to lead off with – until ‘Lying In Bed’.”

Collaborating with Kaylee Bell

Obviously I had to ask how this collaboration came to be, especially since this is the band’s first duet! 

“We were introduced to Kaylee’s music through a mutual friend and figured, what the heck – let’s ask her if she wants to be part of this song with us,” said Jeremey. “Kaylee listened to it and was really stoked to work together. Once we heard her vocals on it, we knew that it was something special (and we’ve also become good friends in the process!).”

Psst … you might even catch River Town Saints touring New Zealand/Australia in 2025!

The Necessities For Touring

River Town Saints recently finished their “Spring Fling” headlining tour!

These are the three absolute must-haves Jeremey insists on bringing along for the ride:

  1. “Emergen-C Vitamin C powder. Gotta keep the immune system up on the road!”
  2. “Bluetooth speaker for hotel rooms and air bnbs. Gotta be able to listen to some tunes when we’re hanging out before/after the shows.”
  3. “Headphones for when we all get sick of each other.”

The Pre-show Rituals For River Town Saints

“We actually don’t have much of one. We usually do a quick vocal warm up, tell each other to have fun up there kinda thing. I (Jeremy) will usually pour everyone a beer in a solo cup and try to come up with a nickname for everyone on that show.”

RTS At The 2024 CMAOntario Awards

On June 2 River Town Saints will take the stage at the CMAOntario Awards, where they are also up for Group or Duo of the Year! 

“It’s always fun (and stressful lol) to play for the CMAO crowd: it’s all really dedicated fans of the genre and literally all the best artists in Ontario out in the crowd so you want to make sure to impress everyone,” said Jeremey. “Being nominated alongside such a talented group of artists is always very flattering.”

Stream “Lying in Bed”

River Town Saints want to make one thing clear: They are still going to make everyone party at their shows, even if they throw in a sad song here and there.

They also hope that their new single, “Lying in Bed” resonates with country music fans while also showing them (and the industry) that there is another dimension to River Town Saints! 

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