Amanda Kind Joins Us to Talk About Her EP “The Good Fight”

Amanda Kind Interview about "The Good Fight"

Last year, we introduced Amanda Kind’s latest EP The Good Fight and now we got to speak to
Amanda to hear directly from her about what she has to say about the EP.

Kind had a great journey while creating The Good Fight and celebrated the EP with a sold out release party with 300 attendees. She loved seeing people connect with her music and giving the best energy to her throughout the show.

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From taking a break from recording music, she felt this was the best way to connect with her listeners and to celebrate her comeback. Fast forward to the present day, the EP has over 250,000 streams!

“It was important for me to call the EP [The Good Fight], name it after the last song because I do kind of feel like the whole project was a bit of a good fight. It really took a lot for me to come back to writing music and releasing music again, and to get back to my artist self. And so this song was extra special, and it was really wonderful to see it all come together,” Kind explains on what the most exciting part of the EP was for her.

The Good Fight is more than just an EP to Amanda.

There’s a special origin story to the entire EP and track. Kind says she began writing “The Good Fight” while watching the first episode of Maid on Netflix. The show is a story of a young mom who leaves a bad relationship and rebuilds her life. While watching the first episode, Kind was inspired to write the first verse and chorus of the song.

“I know what it is like to have to go through really tough things to get to the good. And so I hope people hear it [the song], if they’re going through something really heard that it helps propel them forward in some way,” Kind says.

Kind wants the track to be a form of inspiration to others as it was an inspiration to her. And we can tell you it definitely is.

Throughout the EP you can hear various forms of country, from traditional pop country to alternative/rock country and even some slower tracks, Amanda Kind has got all listeners covered.

“The Good Fight” is at radio now, so make sure to keep your ears opened for that!

To keep up with Amanda, you can follow her on Instagram and listen to her through all streaming platforms.

Stream The Good Fight – Amanda’s EP

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